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Friday, January 06, 2006

Advertise on Mental Poo!


Hey. Hey you. In the trenchcoat and fishnet stockings.

Got a product or service you want pimped out?

Does it cater to a large band of groupies, miscreants and social deviants?


Would you LIKE it to?

"Mental Poo" averages about 50k page hits PER MONTH from countries as far away as New Zealand, Australia (which I thought was the same as New Zealand) and Wisconsin.

If you'd like to get your product/service some exposure, I'd be more than happy to put it on my sidebar over there as long as you cut me in on some coinage.

My rates as of January 1, 2011 are as follows:

Simple Text Ad: $20/month
Small Graphic Ad (200px x 200px): $30/month

If you want better rates by going yearly, let me know and we'll talk.

You probably spend most of that in medication every week anyway.

If you're interested in becoming an advertiser, email me at:

We're gonna be great together.

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