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Monday, July 11, 2011

In the Far East, They're Called "Regos"

Alternate title for this:

Why Sometimes I Love Having Kids

Two conversations with my 8-year old son and 10-year old daughter:

Conversation #1: ARGH!

In the car:

Payton: "Cam has a pirate booty."

Cam: "No I don't."

Payton: "Yes you do! You have a pirate booty. HAHAHAHA!"

Me: "Payton, do you even know what a booty is?"

Payton: "It's a rear-end."


Me: "Cam's right. A 'pirate's booty' was his treasure."

* pause

Payton: "Then Cam's bum is a treasure."

Me: ....

Cam: "Yeah. My bum is a treasure. A STINKY treasure."

Honestly...I thought this was going to climax at the part where Payton declares my son's bum as a treasure but somehow he managed to bring it to an entirely different level.



Conversation #2: Blick by Blick


The three of us are in a toy store called "Josh's Toys" in the mall.

We're looking at an entire row of Lego sets.

Me: "Wow. Look at all these Legos. This kid Josh must sure love Legos."

Cam: "Well...who DOESN'T love Legos?"

Payton: "That would be most of the Chinese."

You know, I didn't even bother to ask any more.

Sometimes, it's better that way.


Unknown said...

Too funny! I love listening to kids conversations!

Ed said...

Come on dad! EVERYBODY knows the Chinese hate Legos.

Or is that Laos? I forget.

SherilinR said...

ooch! the pirate booty apparently comes in all shapes & sizes. a flavor for every taste?
kids are so funny. they crack me up when they're sure they just know something.

Unknown said...

Sudden realization!! The Chinese switch the L and R sounds! Which actually makes even less sense... I always thought they COULDN'T make the correct sound, but now I know they just have them switched!



"That would be most of the Chinese." Hahahaha! Seriously, tears right now.

The Sweetest said...

I'm willing to bet the Chinese rove regos so much that they don't just play with them, they MAKE them.

M. Hicks said...

My kid was talking about how it was crazy that people didn't believe in Santa Clause or Jesus--didja know that, some people really don't!
After all, Santa comes to the mall every year. You can go see him.

meleah rebeccah said...

your children are hilarious!

Steve Bailey said...

Iranians actually do love Legos...
the most popular sets are...

Lego Hanging Tree
Lego Prison Camp

or the most popular

Lego Mass Grave

Mike said...

Of course the Chinese hate the legos. IF you had to stand in a sweaty factory 18 hours a day making legos, you'd hate legos too, right?

Knight said...

You really need to teach Cam how to wipe.

I Wonder Wye said...

'That would be the Chinese.' The kid is brilliant. BRILLIANT. Thanks for the laughs. I love to hear kid's conversations...

jack mehoff said...

im raughing out roud

Abby said...

Yikes on the pirate booty search...until now I thought Google ALWAYS knew exactly what I was thinking.

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