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Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Reserved Parking Fiesta

My son was sick recently so being the amazing father that I am I called in sick myself and then spent the day home with him playing Halo Reach multiplayer deathmatch as we both screamed ‘DIE DIE DIE!’ at each other.

It’s called ‘good parenting,’ people.

At one point, though, I took my son to the doctor who had just recently moved to a new building that has a total of 6 parking spots.

Pediatrician's motto: "Great with children, notsomuch with facilities management."

All 6 of the parking spots had ‘RESERVED’ signs in them thus requiring me to park across a street because nothing says ‘we care about your well-being’ like having your patients cross a four-lane highway in the middle of winter.

As we entered the parking lot, my son comes up with the following:

Son: “We should reserve a parking space here.”

Me: “That might be a good idea considering we had to walk for 20 minutes.”

Son: “We’ll reserve it with my name on it.”


Son: “And put ‘jazz hands’ on it.”

Jazz hands.

At this point he stops, looks at me and actually makes ‘jazz hands’ in the middle of the parking lot.

God I love that kid.

Son: “The sign will say ‘reserved for Cameron’ with pictures of hands with the squiggles around them.”


He’s not done.

Son: “..and then..when you get close to the sign, a small Mexican man pops up and starts playing music.”

And there, in the middle of the parking lot of his doctor, my son stopped and started singing Mariachi music while dancing leg-to-leg while simultaneously making jazz hands.

Me: “Yeah. You look really sick.”



When we got home, Cam drew this design for his "Reserved Mariachi Jazz Hand Parking Spot Sign":

This kid is gonna KILL in the world of product marketing.


Ed said...

Drop that pick in the doctors suggestion box.

Of course, the suggestion box is probably located 3 blocks away.

Abby said...

That kid is gonna be a star one day!

Unknown said...

That is rich! What a great kid!

Suzy said...

When the small Mexican man pops up I thought, "this kid is a genius."

Because jazz hands are just never enough.

Mike said...

I believe the domain name "" is free. Set him up.

Knight said...

Middle of winter? Recently?
Your son is genius and should get paid for these jems.

jack mehoff said...

might i suggest you use his idea to make a t-shirt - with your graphic arts degree and accelerated knowledge of google image i would imagine you could come up with exactly what cameron is looking for. next step, take it to the local screen print place and there you have it

Katherine said...

I agree....this picture MUST be delivered to the doctor's office!


meleah rebeccah said...

Jazz hands!

injaynesworld said...

Clearly, the apple has not fallen far from the tree.

Ryan said...

@Knight: This is New Hampshire. It's 30 degrees out at 8am. I call it winter too haha. Winter starts here around 10/1 and ends around 4/1.

Gotta love urban NH. Damn near no thought processes involved in city layouts either. I will say though, our Planned Parenthood is less than a block away from the High School. That's damn good planning.

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