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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shit I Forgot to Write About - Random Pictures Edition

When I think of an idea to write about I usually either jot the idea down and email it to myself or - if it's a picture - send the picture to myself.

Then I usually forget about it because I'm old and that's what old people do.

I like Sour Cream 'n' Onion chips.


*falls asleep*

Where was I?

OH. Shit I forgot to write about.

So I found these in my 'ideas' folder and figured I'd bring them up.

Remember the Weiner!!

Remember that story about the New York Representative, Anthony Weiner, who had his sexting photos all over the news a while ago?

I snapped this photo from one of the news stories about that moron.

Thank God he came clean.

Nobody likes a dirty weiner.

I Can't Even Imagine the Effing Migraines

Got behind this moron the other day and snapped this photo because nothing says "I'm paying attention to the road" like taking pictures while driving:

See it?


Let me zoom in a little bit for you:

Holy crap.

I had no idea the Duggars lived in New Hampshire.

A tale of the tape:


When the stupid little stickers on the back of your car representing your family actually start to impair the vision out your rear-view mirror, it's time to PUT THE PENIS AWAY, BUDDY. Just put it away.

I just realized both things here are about weiners coming clean.

Amazing how shit ties together sometimes.


Anonymous said...

How timely. I was traveling at 65mph when I saw it so I couldn't snap the pic, but I was behind a van a few days ago...10 damn stickers in the window. One was a dog, one was a cat, 2 parents, and 6 fucking kids. The mere thought of that many kids made me want to drive off an overpass.

Stacey said...

A clean weiner is a happy weiner.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how someone can have that many children. They start to get ugly after the second child.

jack mehoff said...

with that many lil rat bastards wheres the soccer ball, baseball and cheerleader emblems with each of their names underneath?

i find it easier to steal children when their names are listed on the back of the cars i follow home

fish in a barrel.

Rebecca said...

I still laugh about the weiner guy. How funny is it that he got into trouble and his last name.......yeah, that's funny stuff.

Sarah Smith-Frigerio said...

Granted, there are women out there who do 'pregnant' in a manner more graceful than I, but after the second time around, I decided that it would be in the world's best interest that I never found myself in the family way again. Ever. And since I knew how that happens, I made sure that it never happened again.

ClevelandPoet said...

if they get divorced do they scrape the spouse off?

Simone said...

i can't stop loving you.

notactuallygod said...

You shoulda got a picture of the driver too, so we could see who's taking "be fruitful and multiply" so seriously.

I'd feel better about it if I knew the couple was good looking. It would also explain why they can't keep their hands off eachother. On the othe hand if they're fugly -that's just wrong. And probably constitutes child abuse.

Suzy said...

A drunk woman in the audience of a show I was doing told me she had 8 kids. I told her she needed to close up shop and use birth control. She said she did but that it was really hard to get those little pills "up in there."

I'm pretty sure this show was in the south. Like you had to ask.

Erica M said...

That the "insert vasectomy here" line was dotted cracked me up for some reason. Twitter led me to your blog, so I'm headed back to kiss it on the mouth.

Red said...

As one of 5 children, I always find it weird when one of those minivans has more pets listed than kids. Seriously? 'Cause THAT'S not high-maintenance.

...not that I'm having any kids. Ever.

Kelly Lund and Kids said...

If you think that's a lot of kids... you should see the family stickers here in Utah!!! I think I found one that has 17 or more kids... and there is one near my work that has a mom, two kids, 8 chickens, 4 ducks, 2 dogs and a cat with wings! hahahaha wow! I will try and get a picture for you! it's classic!!

Kelly Lund and Kids said...

HAHAHA!! I looked on my phone and I do have a picture I took of it!! I will try and upload on your facebook :)

meleah rebeccah said...

Nobody likes a dirty weiner. And I would kill myself if I had that many kids. Seriously.

@Leslie said...

I have been behind that car in NH. I was afraid. Very afraid - the their fertility might be contagious. NO THANKS.

Brett Minor said...

Someone with that many kids has an ulterior motive. They are either building their own army or planning to sell their kids off for science experiments.

Paula@lkg4sweetspot said...

I am just excited to see the word wiener used appropriately so many times in one post!

So. Cal. Gal said...

If those stickers were around when I was a kid, my parents wouldn't be able to see out their back window either, what with 2 parents, 7 kids, and I forget how many dogs.

It was great!

Paul, Dammit! said...

Eh, I'm pretty sure that used to mark how many nazis a pilot shot down. Maybe it's the same thing, only pedestrians.

StarTraci said...

Wow, that is a string of children!!!

Thanks for the smiles.

P.S. Looking forward to seeing what else you forgot.

Cookie’s Mom said...

I was hanging out on Twitter when all of a sudden that crazy Erica kissed me! Seriously, right on the lips! Anyway, she told me to come check out your blog - something about me being able to relate to you (maybe it's the old people thing - huh, that's not so nice then). Anyway, here I am, and thanks for the laugh!

Cookie’s Mom said...

P.S. I've added your RSS feed to my Google reader. I'm also following a blog called Mental Chew. Geez, I sure hope I don't get you two mixed up!

Collie said...

OMG best laugh I have had all day!

Deb said...

HA! I had to stifle my out-loud laughter so as to not awaken the menfolk here, but the mirth in strong after reading this post. Also while.

LA Botchar said...

I love my kids..of which I am proud to say I stopped at 3 - although yes, that is migraine inducing enough...but I do not feel the need to plaster them on the back of my -- yes I must confess - Honda minivan. (If I could drive with a paperbag over my head, I would - I settle for the big Jackie O sunglasses. I like delusions of grandeur, it feels nice.)
I got nothing to say about dirty weiners. do we really need to give them more attention then they already get?

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