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Monday, September 09, 2013

Nutritious Death

I stood in the kitchen, staring at the ceiling...mouth agape.

What the...?

The normally white ceiling was speckled with dots. Some larger than others. Some darker than others.

"Oh no."


My adult ADD mind began racing.

I would have to call mold inspectors. The entire house would have to be checked.

I would have to call a remediation service and have the mold removed and the areas treated.

If it was as bad as it looked, I might even have to relocate the family for a bit while it was being treated.

"I don't have this kind of money," I thought to myself.

I climbed up on the counter to take a closer look. The area was about a foot square in total, but there was SO MUCH of the red, blue and purple chunky mold that..


Red? Blue?



It was then that I looked down and noticed that the spot was directly over the base of our blender.

The same blender where my fiancee makes her fruit smoothies every morning.

I also vaguely remember being in the bathroom and hearing her scream at her children, "YOU HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL I PUT THE COVER ON!!"


That makes more sense.

Now I'll just have to pay for pest control to get rid of these ants that were attracted to the 10 pounds of fruit splattered about the kitchen, instead.



Anonymous said...

Why not just sit back and let the ants do their job?

Agent 54 said...

Those damn ants still can't swim!

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