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Thursday, December 05, 2013

HOLY SHIT AND OMG and (insert own expletive here)


So, on Tuesday, my new book went on sale here.

I had a LOT of help from many of you - my faithful readers and fans - in the way of book reviews and pimping. Take, for instance, these guys (and I suggest reading them because most of them are fucking hysterical in their own right):

Life is a Highway, and there are potholes

Long Awkward Pause

Whine is Cheaper..

From the Desk of...RE Hargrave

(Mis)Adventures in Theater

So awesome to get so much support from you guys. I love all of you.

I don't know what, exactly, I was expecting from the launch of it.

But I CAN tell you, that I was NOT expecting THIS:

Not ONLY did my book make it almost immediately onto the Best Seller list in Humor on Amazon, but it was - and still is - listed as a "Hot New Release."

Hence, the "OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG" stuff. 
This also marks the first time the word 'new' was included when talking about my hot releases.

I'll give you a moment.

I'm honestly beside myself. Almost literally. From this angle I look wicked awesome, by the way.

You can get your copy of "Perhaps" in full color paperback or Kindle versions simply by going to any of these links:

Amazon.com - Paperback

Amazon.com - Kindle

Barnes and Noble - Paperback


I truly hope you enjoy it.

If you'd like to do your own review, please email me at midgetmanofsteel@yahoo.com and let me know so I can pimp you out!!

Also - PLEASE remember to leave any and all comments or reviews on the Amazon site!

Thanks, everyone!!

Spread the word!

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