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Monday, January 20, 2014

My bicep tendon is registered as a deadly weapon

I was working out in the gym a few weeks ago when I heard and felt a little 'pop' in my right bicep.

Please note this is the right arm, and not the left arm where I had to have my bicep surgically repaired.

I am beginning to think I am made entirely out of balsa wood.

Regardless, knowing what the 'pop' potentially meant, I immediately went to get an MRI.

Getting an MRI for your arm is an extremely comfortable process, and by 'extremely comfortable' I mean 'not comfortable at all.'

I had to lie down on the table, right arm fully extended over my head, face down into a pillow and lie completely still for 40 minutes.

It was like that time I went to the New York sex club.

Different post.

Regardless, after it was over, they gave me the CD to bring home which I immediately looked at and began to see images in.

This is not the first time this has happened. And, sadly, probably won't be the last.

But here's the image that struck me and explains why I'm so good at karate:


I have a turtle Kung-Fu master living in my right arm.

It's either that, or a really distressed ET getting bonked on the head with a bone.

That actually makes more sense, because:


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