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Monday, May 19, 2014

Two Funny Brains and the Shampoo Video

I was asked - once again - by the VERY funny ladies over at Two Funny Brains to do a video for them regarding a 'Man's Take' on things.

They call the segment "Men on Women" but my idea for a video with that title is WAY different than what they wanted.

So I made them a video like they asked.

Here you go - click this link if you can't see the embedded video:

Seriously. No one needs to be that clean.

If you're looking for my first video - about PILLOWS - you can find it right here.

Check out the ladies, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

 ..and stay tuned..because they've asked me to do more videos.


Grace said...

I'm a woman and I don't understand all that crap either - I have a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of body wash in my shower. That's it - one of each. Do I have other lotions and potions - yes but not in the shower.

I watched the pillow video - I don't get the pillow thing either. What is the point? Just a bunch of useless clutter if you ask me...I have 3 pillows in my house - 2 on the bed - one for me, one for my husband and a third pillow in the linen closet for - I don't know - back-up?


Coffeypot said...

That orange thing you had in your hand is a crotch scrubber for women.

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