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Monday, March 09, 2015

I'm being bullied by Apple.

In my cubicle, I have a Mac Powerbook that I use for testing.

Yes, I'm a software quality assurance engineer.

This is exactly why none of your shit works and your computer reboots every 30 seconds.

The Mac has a screen saver that scrolls dictionary words across and then pauses on certain ones. Whenever I happen to look over at it, it's always shit like this:


Okay. I suppose that one makes sense.


I wouldn't say I'm exactly offbeat, but more like, 'peculiar' or 'really muscly and attractive.'


It's at this point that I'm thinking the laptop has become self-aware and is actually watching me.

Either that, or my boss programmed it since, you know, I'm typing this at work.

1 comment:

Vinny C said...

Could be worse. Imagine the types of things your home computer would call you after viewing your activity there.

I, for one, don't need that kind of guilt trip.

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