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Monday, October 01, 2007

You searched for WHAT?!?

People are weird.

When you have a website, especially one like this that's sponsored by Google, you have the opportunity to check out all kinds of different statistics with all kinds of free webtools. You can view things like what country people are coming from, what browsers they used, and - here's where it gets interesting - what people's Internet searches yielded your site in the results.

You learn a couple of things looking at this data. First, you realize that it's quite possible that you're not hitting your target audience. Second, you realize that there are some really twisted people out there. Third, you realize you may be one of them...

Here are the top four searches that yielded my reverse order...

#4: Vasectomy

Duh. This is because I've written four articles on this so far, with more coming (no pun intended) as my mutilation draws near.

#3: Cinemax porn

I'm flattered by this one - really. To be included in the results for a search of Cinemax Porn, well, that's almost like getting an Oscar.

Ok, maybe it's not really like getting an Oscar...more like, considering it an honor when you get a 'shout out' at a know, when the singer says, " motherf*ckers!!"

Here comes number 2...where now it gets bizarre...

My number two top search result...

#2: Farrah Fawcett shaved pubes

..yeah. "Farrah Fawcett shaved pubes" is my number 2 hit. For all those people actually searching for "Farrah Fawcett shaved pubes", my site showed up on the list in the 31st position of the results.

Two questions:
1) Who is God's good name is actually searching on "Farrah Fawcett's shaved pubes?" What are they actually hoping to see?! I mean, I think she's about 70 now, and does NOT look good. Once upon a time, back before Al Gore invented the Internet and Google, sure - I'd love to see that. It was topical. She was hot. Now? Not so much. Shame on you "Farrah Fawcett shaved pubes" people...shame on you.
2) I wonder how much higher I'll be in the list now...I've written that phrase 5 extra times now! Position #30, here I come!

..and the #1 search hit for my site...and I'm not making this up...

#1: Ejaculate while poo

I think this one speaks for itself. If you threw up a little just now, I wouldn't really blame you.

What would be really interesting to know is if the people searching for this topic are also the same people trying to check out Farrah's camel toe. Sitting on the john, wrestling the anaconda, while visualizing 70-year-old Farrah Fawcett.


As a side note, it's also interesting how number two ended up as my #1.


Tequila Mockingbird said...

i think the question SHOULD be who ISNT seaching for farrah fawcett's shaved pubes!

Anonymous said...

I think I'd rather see Al Gore's shaved pubes.

Moooooog35 said...

Dude, you are SO out of mantown.

Xtylish said...

I understand those results. My Blog only attracts mad things like that. But then again, my Blog actually has perverted stuff on it.

As for the countries, yeah... it's interesting looking at where everyone comes from.

Mr and Mrs Knutzen said...

Here are some phrases that people searched for and found my blog:
too much spit in the mout (sic)
ex-man porn sex
"My Boyfriend" "Grab his butt" hand
i saw penis

I think I am sending people to therapy!

DubLiMan said...

This is truly funny, if it wasn't so scary. I'll have to try it on my site. BTW thanks for the visit and the comment....a little confusing, but thanks anyway.

Lisa Loomis said...

I do believe what the number one searching is out to find is a blumpkin.

Give them my number, 'kay?

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