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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Devil is her Hero

Just a quickie today.

(Like you ladies out there expect anything else)

My eight-year old daughter is dressing as a Devil for Halloween this year.

You know:


We really didn't need to buy anything for her to get this look.

That reminds me, I need to return her principal's phone call....I think I heard a riot in the background.


...she brought home a paper from school that talked about the kids wearing their costumes next week.

My daughter read this aloud to us:

"Costumes representing heroes or patriotic characters are preferred, as it reinforces our theme this week of honoring our national heroes."

Patriotism and heroes.

She wasn't going to be wearing a patriotic costume...

...nor would she be dressed up as a hero.

She sounded...discouraged.

That was until my wife decided to pipe up with this little gem:

Wife: "Well, you can tell them that the Devil is your hero."


Nice one, hon.

That should go over well.

Humor: 1
Parenting Skill: 0

That should go over well at school.

You know...if there's anything left of it.

I'll let you know when I get off the phone with the principal.


Christina_the_wench said...

Don't agree to pay for any damages until you see an estimate and photos. Just a little advice from my past experience.

Does evil run on your side of the family or your wife's?

Hungry Mother said...

Prepare for a torch-bearing crowd to descend on your home.

Poetry Sue said...

She could always ad a modifier to that. "The Devil is my hero, look at all the good things he has done as our president."

The Absent Minded Housewife said...

Stick a campaign button on her...any candidate of your choice...and the hero look is complete no matter what costume she wears.

My kid's school doesn't do costumes anymore. Despite my costumey proclivities, I'm ok with this. They get hyped up on sugar at school regardless.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Man, schools are just sucking all the fun right out of Halloween. Heroes and patriotic figures? Okay. Dress her normal, pick a candidate, and then do makeup and fake blood and make her look dead. Then she can say, "So and so was her hero, but he/she died on the way to their next speaking engagement"!

Yah, I know. I suck! I'm no help either. :(

Wife: "Well, you can tell them that the Devil is your hero."

Seriously, I'm beginning to love your wife now as much as I love you. :)

Me said...

Put her in some Prada shoes and she can go as Anna Wintour...

Malach the Merciless said...

Just say she is dressed as Dubya or Sarah Palin.

Moooooog35 said...

Christina: Thanks for the tip. Evil just simply runs doesn't have a side.

Hungry: Again?!?

Poetry: you're the first in a long line of "W = Satan" comments. Read on...

Becky: A button would mean a campaign contribution. And I like to keep my money in my pocket. Or in a hooker's pocket. Either/or.

AngieSS: More candidate stuff!!

Yeah - my wife is full of this stuff...I don't know why she won't comment here, though. Probably out of sheer embarrassment that she's linked to me.

Smiley: Listen, if I have to Google your comment to figure out what the Hell you're talking about, it's not worth it.

Helpful tip. I'm lazy like that.

Malach: Jesus H. Christ.'s tough being a Republican these days...even with the hot VP pick.

Jen said...

You will definitely get the torch-bearing crowd, as well as 15 of the local churches sending you guys hatemail and calling child services on you!


Your wife is hilarious though!

Narm said...

Wow - I always assumed your wife was picking up for your Lack of Responsibility but after this post I am scared.

HeyJoe said...

PLEASE tell me your kids go to a Catholic school.

fiona said...

You wife and I went to the same "Perfect Parent" classes!

LBluca77 said...

That is the kind of parent I aspire to be.

Anonymous said...

Oh My God. You have to let us know how that DOES go over!! HA!

Baba Doodlius said...

Halloween isn't supposed to have an uplifting theme like "patriots and heros". It's a day for evil spirits and sacrilege. It's a day for little kids to go begging and issue vague threats if they don't get their handouts. It's a day for adults to get dressed up funny and get stinking drunk and make fools of themselves. There's no place in any of this for patriots and heros. Obviously the principal didn't get the memo.

Anonymous said...

With just a few short years of therapy, your child will be just fine. This I promise to you.

Malicious Intent said...

Ok, just tell them that she is doing the ying/yang thing. Without the Devil there is no God (at least I think that is what Catholics believe...this week.)
That way she can say the Devil is her hero. I think. Damn religion.
Or still send her as the devil and just tell her to say she is dressed as Palin, only nicer.


Hahaha! Love this post. FYI, I've dressed up like a devil for Halloween before...and when the people at work ask me why, I tell 'em it's in honor of my favorite hockey team, the New Jersey Devils. Considering that my office is filled with Rangers and Islanders fans, they don't necessarily like this explanation, but nobody's beat me up for it yet. Yet.

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