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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Motivational Filler - Disappointment

Before I start today, I have a new movie review of The Watchmen over on Moog's Movie Reviews.

Superhero broad in a garter belt.

'Nuf said.


Motivate THIS.

(points at crotch)

Nothing to see here today...

...except a custom "motivational poster" made by yours truly over at Big Huge Labs.


...I have no idea how I made it almost 40 years without finding this thing.

Here's today's poster for you (click to enlarge (that's what she said)):

Oh, lookie there!

I threw up a little!

If you want to see all of my custom posters, click here.

If you like them, feel free to post them on your site.

Just give me some credit.

God knows my bank won't.

Moog out.


Susan said...

He's only crying if he hasn't killed himself already.

AmyOops said...


Cowguy said...

I LOL'd myself to sleep.

Good stuff.

Buzzardbilly said...

LMAO at the poster and the movie review. BTW, today is my 45th birthday, and in honor of my creeping into those downslide years, I've told the worst birthday date story ever. It's not gross (as you'd expect from me) but it's just absurd and embarrassing enough (because it's entirely true) that I thought my buddy Moog would get a chuckle.

LBluca77 said...

I think that guy/girl might live in my neighborhood.

rachaelgking said...

All that work...

and he couldn't be bothered to shave?

Now THAT is a shame.

Rahul said...

Shim is hot.

fiona said...

Yep Daddy told him/her the red lipstick just wasn't working,but did
he/she listen?

Narm said...

Damn Mooog - you look kinda hot in drag.

Moooooog35 said...

Susan: Never heard of 'tears in heaven,' eh?

AmyOops: The shit you find on Flickr, let me tell ya.

Cowguy: You write comments in your sleep?!?

Buzzard: Happy Birthday. I will be sure to stop by and do nothing special for you.

Lbluca: Does it drive a van? I bet it drives a van.

rs27: Dude. You need to go on a date.

Fiona: I think the word you're looking for is 'transfiance.'

Narm: Thanks. Trying to compete with you is tough.

Kellie said...

Oh wow. It is so disturbing I am speechless. Someone needs to show him how to do his makeup correctly b/c that is one giant mess. :)

Buzzardbilly said...

Moog, That would have to be a Hefy bag of clippin's. They don't call me go-rilla, go-rilla, go-rilla girl for nothing, buddy.

Moooooog35 said...

Kellie: Yeah. Makeup is his biggest issue.


Tequila: She lives! Of course she shows up as soon as I put a transvestite on the site. Go figure.

Buzzard: You sound hot.

Malicious Intent said...

Dude, I almost threw up reading your reply from last post when you said "Cause I am magically delicious."

Where is the f'@#@$N pepcid.

AngryMan said...

Awesome movie review.

Anonymous said...

Maybe his father is where he learned it from?

Double Gross.

Dr Zibbs said...

Can't wait to see tht friggin' movie.

Malach the Merciless said...

Moog watches the Watchmen

Patyrish said...

I think this is my fav poster so far.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That IS scary.

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