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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Motivational Filler - Harmony

Before I start, I have a new movie review of "I Love You, Man" over on Moog's Moview Reviews.

Carry on.


Motivate THIS.

(points at crotch)

Nothing to see here today...

...except a custom "motivational poster" made by yours truly over at Big Huge Labs.


...I have no idea how I made it almost 40 years without finding this thing.

Here's today's poster for you:

This is what you get for trying to pull off the "communing with nature" bullshit.

If you want to see all of them, click here.

If you like them, feel free to post them on your site.

Just give me some credit.

God knows my bank won't.

Moog out.


Christina_the_wench said...

Do you ever catch your wife stopping and staring, wondering "What was I thinking?"

Anonymous said...

By the look on that guys face, I'm not sure I'll be putting my dick in a musical instrument anytime soon. But thanks for the motivational thought anyways Moog.

Me-Me King said...

"Come blow my horn."

fiona said...

Upright horn is good though huh?

Moooooog35 said...

Christina: Every minute of every day.

free: don't knock it til you try it

Me-me: when did this become a caption contest?

fiona: if you say so, woman...if you say so.

Anonymous said...

I'd think that would be kind of cold, no?

Rahul said...

I'll take that kind of action.

binks said...

Now that's a blow job.

rachaelgking said...

Oh, come on.

Different instruments have GOT to create different feelings.

Ed & Jeanne said...

It's all so wife plays a horny instrument too!

Thinkinfyou said...

So that's how you reach Zen. I'm going out and buying a flute today!

Buzzardbilly said...

I did not know that Chuck Magione was at one time a monk. Live and learn.

BTW, have you considered entering yourself to be Chuy's BFF (sponsored by the movie I Love You Man) on Chelsea Lately?

Really, you would fit right in on that show. It's hilarious and they could give a shit about politically correct.

Malicious Intent said...

What musical instruments do you own?

Moooooog35 said...

Mike: It's not bad once you get into it.


rs27: Join the club. Or band. Whatever.

Binks: Touche'

Lilu: Let us know how the French Horn tickler works out for you.

VE: You mean she plays a mean organ.

Thinking: Who's Zen? Is she hot?

Buzzard: Chelsea Clinton needs a BFF?! I'm IN!

MI: skin flute.

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