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Friday, March 11, 2011

You Ask a Stupid Monster Truck Question...

You can finish the rest of the title on your own.

I trust you people.

I took my kids to see Monster Trucks and then posted a few videos that I took on my YouTube channel because, well, I was kinda trying to push this site because celebrity status continues to somehow elude me.

WTF, people. Get to work and start pimping this stuff out.

Thanks in advance.

You'd figure after the first post I did about these Monster Truck videos that that would be the end of it but NOOOOO.

Yay me.

After posting one of these videos, I get this comment from someone:

monster truck comment

Why is the stadium so small?

My first hunch is 'because they built it that way you idiot,' but instead I gave him this:

monster truck response
See? Watch a monster truck video, get a history lesson.

So, there you go, neondevil123.

You're welcome.


Lynn MacDonald said...

You might be the nost random person that I'm friends with but don't actually know.

I like that about you. I've never been to a monster truck show but thanksnto me, you've been Retweeted by Kyle Petty who is a big deal in NASCAR land.

No thanks necessary, that is all!

Anonymous said...

after all you said in that blog post that's what they decided to comment on!? Special!! Who knew small arenas were built in honor of Napoleon! You learn something new everyday! :) haha.

Christina_the_wench said...

You could totally teach a course in smartassness. You have the gift. Abuse the hell out of it.

laughingmom said...

It's all perspective - the stadium isn't small - remember it's MONSTER trucks...probably driven by King Kong and Gulliver.

BTW - my post today could really benefit from some of your illustrations - if you are pimping out your art.

MrsBlogAlot said...

Why celebrity status continues to elude you is a question we've asked ourselves time and time again!

Someone needs to get to work on the obvious glitch in that system.


Pat said...

Now you did it! That guy will probably be looking all over for midget wrestling tickets!


very funny but not substantially

Ducky said...

Midget wrestling...throw in some jello and its totally up your alley!

Diva's Thoughts said...

lol Boy have I missed reading your blog.

Krissy said...

Only you would respond to that stupid question in quite that manner.. But I guess that's why you have us crazy people following you.

A Vapid Blonde said...

I may get to go to Wrestlemania in April.

I know you are jealous.

(this really isn't a comment)

Elly Lou said...

I just read somewhere that George Washington was actually 6 ft tall. He was before his time...and the Celtics too, I guess.

Vinny C said...

You ask a stupid monster truck question... and that tells me you can't comprehend a sport involving big vehicles crushing much smaller vehicles.

You did say you trusted us.

Moooooog35 said...

Lynn: There's a land for NASCAR?!

Jewels: I'm nothing if not educational.

Christina: I'm trademarking that.

laughing: Then King Kong and Godzilla are much bigger on television.

vicki: awwww. *grabs crotch*

Mrsblogalot: HOP TO IT, SISTA!

Pat: I hope they save me some, at least.

Ahmad: Good comment. But not substantially.

Daffy: hahaha. you said 'up your alley'

Tee: And I've missed you reading it!

Krissy: it's how I roll.

Vapid: Tell Triple-H I said 'hi.' He used to go to my gym in New Hampshire before he became a wrestler. True story.

Also true story: he looked NOTHING like that back then.

Ah. Steroids.

Elly: Are you suggesting that the father of our country invented basketball?

Vinny: Yes. Blue. What?

I'm confused.

Unknown said...

Strangely enough, there is something slightly authentic sounding in your explantation. Except for George--but he then, wasn't French.

SarcasmInAction said...

I bet you'd be good at the game Balderdash.
I pretty much rock at that game cuz I can make up crap and make it sound "official" like you wouldn't believe.
So, just like you.
Wish we could play together.
Balderdash, I mean.

And Twister too.

SarcasmInAction said...

Just got your message.
The Twitter is blocked by my work filter.
But I can still blog. Go figure.
At least I'm still being "productive" at work.
I won???!!
I never win anything!
No joke.
I'm a loser at drawings and door prizes....until today! BAM! Take that sucky prize luck. Booyah.
I'm so excited. I will email info.
And love notes.
I mean, a thank you.

SisterMerryHellish said...

Be careful throwing around that EVERYTHING is smaller. For all you know neondevil123 is actually two girls named Neon and Devil who can only count to three and are looking for the middle of their Monster Truck fan sandwich!

laughingmom said...

King Kong is bigger on tv because it adds ten pounds to everyone...about my illustrations?

Opto-Mom said...

Weren't there pygmies involved, too?

And don't forget about Rocky. He's from the northeast, and he's pretty short. He actually looked like a pygmy next to that big Russian.

Henrietta Collins said...

you're NOT famous?!?!

i can't believe i fell for that AGAIN.

pis.s. i want my panties back.

Jeremy from We Took The Bait said...

But, really, is ANY question revolving around Monster Trucks stupid?

Anonymous said...

History = Awesomeness

Ed said...

The stadium explanation basically explains you too.

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