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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Big Trucks and the Little Guy Who Really Doesn't Give a Crap

I took my kids to a Monster Truck show because, honestly, it's a cheap way to spend 3 hours and be able to fraternize with (read: make fun of) that special kind of people you'd only typically see shopping for shovels AND ammo in Walmart while still in their Yosemite Sam jammie pants at 2:30 a.m.


So I took some video because, to be honest with you, there's something kind of cool about seeing people almost die in giant, ridiculous vehicles and it would be neat to catch that crap on camera and maybe win on "America's Funniest Videos" or sell it to "Faces of Death."

Either way I'd be happy.

I took a video of "Grave Digger" and posted it on my YouTube Channel with my 475 OTHER videos that are WAY funnier and within, like, 3 minutes 200 people had viewed this stupid thing:

Seriously - it's been up, like, a week and it's one of my most popular friggin' videos.


Then the comments started coming in.

I love comments.

My reply:

Then another:

YES. You're right. I think it was Adam. Probably.

(not a clue)

Then the poor bastard tries to clarify:

Then he stopped.

Probably smart of him.

Oooh. One more!!

Who won?


Do people actually keep tabs on this shit?

I thought Monster Trucks were like Professional Wrestling with the same amount of oil but less steroids.

I'm pretty sure I got that answer right.

Maybe I'll ask Adam.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I must be old because watching him spin like that made me want to puke. I have always wanted to go to a motorcross show-figure there'd be some questionably acceptable guys there I could arange to sleep with...but never actually went. Then I remembered...oh can get dick anywhere and those places are loud and you're prone to migraines...F that!
You are a kick ass dad for tolerating that level of stupidity. I don't think I could get too excited about big, loud trucks.

MrsBlogAlot said...

LOL! Why do I feel you'd do well as a Columbo-type interrogator for the government after reading this post?

...Yes, let's ask Adam.

Christina_the_wench said...

For some reason this video reminds me of a mosquito that needs swat.

3 hours of this with no alcohol or drugs?

*bows down*

Anonymous said...

That 'Faces of Death' picture about made tea come out of nose. Which would have been amazing since I'm drinking Red Bull.

SarcasmInAction said...

I bet there's all SORTS of fun people watching at a monster truck show! Kinda like Walmart + the DMV + a prison holding cell + a Jerry Springer audience all wrapped up in one spot.

Not to stereotype, of course.

Vinny C said...

For the last 30 seconds I kept waiting & hoping to see Adam (or whoever it was) to go flying out the driver-side window...


Anonymous said...

I don't have to go watch that shit. My son gets pick up trucks and puts lift kits on them all the time.

Let me just say this. Pick up trucks are highly unstable and have a tendency to roll very easily.

Yee haw...git 'er dun!

StephanieC said...

Our WHOLE ENTIRE FAMILY went in Toronto, because my nephew was into it. They got to take the "GO Train" (public transit) and the whole bit and they loved it.

I think I was high by the end from all the confined exhaust fumes.

I love your comment retorts. Reminds me of David Thorne. Well done!

I think we are Canadian rednecks to a degree.

At least THAT has to justify some of my blog potty mouth, right?



Seriously?... Reeeally??... Seriously?


laughingmom said...

SO, does Adam know if Adam won and if not is he available to not plow the complete lack of snow?

Moooooog35 said...

Jewels: Couple the spinning with three hours of exhaust fumes and you actually DO puke after a while.


Mrsblogalot: I'll take that job and be awesome at it.

Christina: Who said no alcohol?!

Joshua: Did you get wings?

Sarcasm: It's like being in a giant, noisier Walmart.

Vinny: If you check out my YouTube page you can watch him roll the truck over.

He didn't die, though.


ryoko: (cue banjo music)

Stephanie: I thought all Canadians were strippers, no?

laughingmom: I'll ask Adam.

Deb said...

-->Best monster truck commercial I can ever remember and still imitate is,

"$10 buys you the whole seat....

....But you only need....


(Grave Digger is about a hour drive into NC from here.)

Unknown said...

That driver had to be seriously dizzy when he finished!

Yankee Girl said...

Poor MonsterJam guy. He had no idea what he was getting himself into!

Mama Mary said...

Adam might be the guy who took my friend Laura to a gun show for Valentine's Day.

meleah rebeccah said...

The 'Faces of Death' picture is too fucking funny. Thank you for making me laugh today. I needed that.

Dr. Cynicism said...

"shovels AND ammo" go together like peanut butter and jelly to the redneck.

Moooooog35 said...

WebSavvy: Then, you know, they should only charge you for the edge.


Eva: They're probably already drunk so it actually makes them LESS dizzy.

Yankee: I know. I'd feel bad for him, too, if - you know - I had feelings and such.

Mama: Ah. Romance!

Meleah: You're welcome. I'm very sorry for your loss.

Dr. Cynicism: You mean 'peanut butter and squirrel.'

elisa said...

I remember the first time I saw Faces of Death; I laughed and laughed...

The Lissst! said...

I guess I'll have to throw my Yosemite Sam PJ's out now.

Ed said...

No, seriously. Who won?

Malach the Merciless said...

That guy is gonna ruin his tires

Pat said...

Wow. That looks like fun. Note the empty seats. Lots of people feel the same way as me I see.

Rico Swaff said...

Haha, the combination of neigbor Anderson and plowing makes me think of Beavis and Butthead.

Anonymous said...

"Faces of Death" is soooo yesterday. Now it's "1000 Ways To Die."

Hey, this vid just might make you the next Justin Beiber. Rodney Mooger Monster Truck Video Taker Extraordinaire.

Or maybe not.

If I Were God... said...

Quirks is right; "Faces" is passe. Now those 'real Americans' like "1000 ways" and Sarah Palin.

cardiogirl said...

Yeah! It's like the Monster Truck version of Who's on First starring Adam.

Anonymous said...




*first 10000 white trash hillbillys through the front door win a pair of blue jean over alls!!

** teeth not required

Knight said...

This whole post scared me. I feel dirty from reading. I mean I usually feel dirty after reading your blog but in the good tingly way. This was different.

Rahul said...

I usually spend nights reading youtube comments. The best is when the person goes back and replies. You are doing god's work. I will read some more you tube comments this week.

Friday night. I have no friends.

Anonymous said...

Theme from "Deliverance"? That'll do.

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