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Friday, August 05, 2011

4L - the last "L" is for "Savings"

No post here today, but just a redirect to a 'Daddy Blog' website where the poor bastard who runs it had the balls to actually interview me.

Click here to read my full interview on Brandon Duncan's website.

It's not often you read an interview on a Daddy Blog where the person being interviewed talks about sex fetishes and hardwood floor refinishing (mutually exclusive questions).

It's how I roll.



Unknown said...

Funny interview...but I expected nothing less!

MrsBlogAlot said...

You always make me laugh!!

Bad Mom

Tazer said...

Hahahahahaaa! Funny stuff!

JenJen said...

Nice to come by and see you haven't changed, pumpkin.

Brandon Duncan said...

HA HA HA!!! Someone called you 'pumpkin!' That's even funnier than the interview!

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