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Monday, September 26, 2011

I Wonder if I Can Get Fired for Saying "Penis Rubbings"

My friend and coworker, Kristin, was working from home the other day when my IM popped up.

For reference, "Mike" is our boss and for some reason our IM programs are totally opening and closing and we're pretty sure it's because we're being watched.

Probably for entertainment purposes of our IT department.

Or for evidence to be used later.





She said 'cock' on Instant Messenger.

We're so fired.


Ed said...

Reading that IM chat is like looking at a parallel universe of my work.

Only in my universe, my 'Kristin' is called Amy, and we are more awesomer.

Unknown said...

I totally would have been fired from my job for that conversation; I don't know how you guys get away with it!

Stacey said...

You must be really good at your job...or Kristin is really Mike and all that sexual tension is just brown-nosing. Either way, it's funny!

meleah rebeccah said...

if that IM conversation doesn't get you fired, NOTHING will!

chemgirljaime said...

you're lucky to have such an awesome relationship with your coworkers.... it's a rare work environment when you can say penis and not get fired.

Moooooog35 said...

This post actually means more this week because I found out on Friday that my boss is in LONDON THIS WEEK.

It's like he's GIVING me more time to eff off around here.

Like that's even POSSIBLE.

Mike said...

Dood, why exactly are you and Kirsten NOT bumping uglies?

Or maybe you are.

On second thought, none of my business. Just enjoy ;)

Anonymous said...

Just don't accidently IM it to your boss and I think you're good.

Taylor said...

I want to work there!

Unknown said...

How do you even get away with that? They must also have you write the Annual Sexual Harrassment memo. I guessing.

Not that it wasn't hysterical. :)

Anonymous said...

That kind of instant messaging when I worked in an office would have certainly gotten me fired...working with children and using the words cock, vagina, and penis rubbing is NEVER a good thing! haha. What a way to waste time at work.

Tazer Warrior Princess said...

I wish I had IM! Although, on second thought, I'd probably get fired too.

Unknown said...

I want to work where you work. Seriously. Can you guys use an in house therapist?

Lady Estrogen said...

I too want to work there.

I would never wash your penis rubbings - unless I brought my dog to work and he felt he needed to pee on top of them.


I want to work with you. My life could use more sexual harrassment.

P.J. said...

Though the conversation itself is funny as hell, your comments at the end sold this the most. Too funny.

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