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Monday, April 23, 2012

Draw Something - The Child Files Edition

If you have the app "Draw Something" then you know how addicting it can be and - well - interesting, to say the very least.

If you don't have it, it's basically "Pictionary" where you have to draw a word and your opponent must guess it.

Sometimes this is easy. Sometimes it is not. Most times mine start with a sketch of boobies. It's what you get for playing with me.

Today I bring you some pictures that I've collected from my "Draw Something" games.

The theme today:

Drawings from Children.



This one was sent to me by someone I was playing a game with, who had her iPod hijacked by her kid. Hence, I got this:

The word was 'hunt.'

Yeah, um..Notsomuch.

The rest of these are from my own kids. Which, honestly, is making me question whether or not they need to be on some type of medication.


It's painfully obvious to me that my daughter has never actually seen a moose.

Or she's only seen moose that come from Chernobyl.



*shakes head


Luckily my daughter was at my house so I was able to ask her what this was.

Her: "It's a napkin."

Me: "Oh. Obviously."

It got to the point with my son that he would just start writing the things down because he knew in his heart of hearts that there was no way I was gonna be able to guess what he was drawing.


Then, this one:


I'm glad he wrote 'goat' on the 'goat' because I was going to guess "Brontosaurus" and then got stumped at the 4-letter limit.

Then my son sent this gem to my girlfriend:


That's Yoda.

Which is appropriate because as far as my kids' artistic talents at "Draw Something," I'd say they've moved to the dark side.


Big Mama Cass said...

HAHAHA I say those are some creative kids!

Unknown said...

As a crack berry user and addict. I am unable to participate in the Draw Something bonanza! I have to admit I would love to as I figure I could get some really great words and draw some really inappropriate things.

However I totally got the napkin I can't believe you missed that! It even has food drippings on it!

(not really) www.sweetydarlin.blogspot.com

meleah rebeccah said...

these are hilarious.

Draw Something has taught me that I can't draw ANYTHING. And like your son, I often cheat and write the word!

Carey said...

So funny! My daughter has me addicted to this game. If I must say so myself, my rendition of TACO was spot-on.

Steve Bailey said...

You are like the Picasso of Draw Something.... either that or you have parkinsons... really a coin flip?

Chris said...

Rodney, I just had a ridiculous coughing fit by the time I got down to Yoda. I was laughing so hard and then inhaled Pepsi because I thought I was done, but wasn't. Thanks, my eyes are still watering.

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