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Thursday, May 03, 2012

..and that's why I love "Bring Your Kids to Work Day"

My company did their annual "Bring Your Kids to Work Day" recently and this marked the first time I've ever brought my children in here because, honestly, I wasn't sure of the value of having kids see their dad coast his way through a job.

For me they might as well just called it "Bring your kids to pretend you work day," or "Bring your kids to the place where you wander around for 8 hours getting coffee and pooping."

Regardless, some highlights of the day:

Signing in:

The first order of business was signing the kids in so they could get shirts. The three of us (my son, Cam and my daughter, Payton) stood in a pretty long line.

This discussion ensued.

Me: "Well guys, if you've ever wanted to change your name, now is your chance."
Payton: "I'm going to say I'm 'anonymous.'"
Me: "Cam, when they ask your name, just whisper "SATAN.""
Cam: "NO! I will say I am the Angel of Death."
Me: "That works."
Payton: "Or I can be 'frik' and he can be 'frak.'"
Me: "That actually makes sense."

When push came to shove, though, Payton gave her actual name.

Cam? Notsomuch.

Guy at desk: "What's your name, buddy?"
Cam: "I don't know."

And thus our day began.


We don't need no stinkin' badges!

As part of the workday, kids got to have their pictures taken and put on 'security badges' that they were to wear around the building just like we do.

This was my daughter's:

..and this was my son's:


Yep. That's my kid alright.

Shortly after getting the badges, the kids were back in the cafeteria playing with some of the balloons that were blown up and just generally wandering around.

I was talking to someone when another coworker tapped me on the shoulder.

Coworker: "I'm gonna guess that's your son."

He points over to a boy talking to no one in particular going "WHOA! WHOA!" with a balloon stuck to his head from static electricity.

Me: "Yup. How'd ya guess?"


My daughter, the felon

My hands-down favorite moment of "Bring your kids to work day" was at lunch time, when my company put out a full spread of pizza, chicken fingers and french fries.

Payton is eating a huge container of salad.

Payton is the ONLY one eating a salad.

Me: "Hey. (looking for salad in the buffet line) Where..um...where did you get that?"
Payton: "At the salad bar."
Me: "Honey. That's in the cafeteria. You have to PAY for salad bar."
Payton: "Oh. Oh well."

Payton walked into the cafe...

...filled a giant container of salad...

...and walked out.

Yes...on "Bring your kids to work day," my daughter stole food.


Can't wait for next year.


Unknown said...

Gee DAD! Did you go pay for her salad, or just allow the hysteria and larceny to continue?


Luke314pi said...

Just found your site today, and laughed my ass off at this story. Time to start reading your older posts. :)

Anonymous said...

Laughed the entire way through this. You're kids are pretty awesome!

Matt Conlon said...

That is pretty awesome. Gotta love kids.

Normally, I don't ask people to go to my blog in comments, but I had a similar post about my kids just yesterday at mattconlon.com if you're interested.

If not, I wouldn't blame you. :)

Sarah Smith-Frigerio said...

Ah, we have job shadowing here next week. Now I have to find ways to up the ante...

chemgirljaime said...

sounds like you guys had a good time... and your kids def take after their dad, eh?

middle child said...

Tell her she'd better leave that off her resume where it says..."what was your first job."

Unknown said...

On the plus side, she WAS eating healthy. That's gotta count for something against, y'know, theft. :)

meleah rebeccah said...

your kids are hilarious!

Unknown said...

After all that, you really think there will be another one?

Anonymous said...

It's kids like these that I actually like.

Just Keepin It Real, Folks! said...

Chips off the ol' block, heh?

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