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Thursday, May 17, 2012

This is how I keep myself entertained at work

A while ago, I sent out this Tweet:

Some people think I make that shit up but - in my defense - I'm pretty sure I'm borderline certifiably insane so just to prove it to you, well..

Here you go.

I'm so glad people here have a sense of humor.



Unknown said...

Definitely certifiable!

Miss Yvonne said...

I love how you're compiling your own HR file for when you get fired.

*hums Wind Beneath My Wings*

Unknown said...

I WANT IM AT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously I would do that every freakin day! and then tell them that it wasn't me. Look at my screen! NO MESSAGES!

I might want to marry you.

*COUGH* God that hurt no I don't I don't want to marry again EVER!

handflapper said...

I love Ebonics texting! I tend to do it when I'm stuck in traffic. Something about rush hour brings out my inner La'Queeshia.

Anonymous said...

If you ever find yourself single again and can keep this up, my sister would love you.

Simone said...

thank you for making me LAUGH today. that's just beautiful. and i love talking gangsta because it makes me happy.

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