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Monday, May 14, 2012

Draw Something - The Celebrity Files

If you have the app "Draw Something" then you know how addicting it can be and - well - interesting, to say the very least.

If you don't have it, it's basically "Pictionary" where you have to draw a word and your opponent must guess it.

Sometimes this is easy. Sometimes it is not. Most times mine start with a sketch of boobies. It's what you get for playing with me.

Today I bring you some pictures that I've collected from my "Draw Something" games.

The theme today:

Drawings of Celebrities.



You're singing it now, aren't you.


I like how I nailed the expression on Oprah's face and her double-chin and Tom Cruise's exuberance.

It's almost like a photograph, really.


The answer here was "SEAL."

One of the guys I play against sent this and I'm honestly not sure why he included the words to a song because WHAT MAN LISTENS TO SEAL FOR CHRISSAKES but I finally figured it out after shuffling the letters, like, 45 times.

Then I realized it was actually a pretty good likeness.



So lifelike, it's almost like you're watching the music video.


It's at this point I'm realizing that I have absolutely no idea how to draw black people.

They either look like brown mannequins from Target or 1940's segregation caricatures.



If you listen closely, you can almost hear the crowd screaming.


I think this one is really accurate.


This one is my favorite because it depicts one of my favorite pictures of Britney Spears AND was drawn totally from memory which, when you think about it, is honestly very very creepy.

I can live with that.

Want more?

Check out my other "Draw Something" post: "Draw Something - Child Files Edition"


Unknown said...

Every day I read your blog just a little part of me dies inside.

Thank you, it numbs the pain!

Rebecca said...

The drawing of Prince reminded me of something I just told my husband.

Prince was coming to a very nearby city when I was in about the 6th grade and when I made it home from school I was begging with mom about buying tickets so I can go see The Prince (as in European Royalty).

I was familiar with Prince's songs but not for a second considered that Prince would come to a concert venue nearby....I was just wanting to meet Royalty.

meleah rebeccah said...

I can't even handle how awesome AND funny these are!!

Anonymous said...

I loved Prince, but my favorite was The Beatles.

Annie Boreson said...

I thought I was done with Brittney, but I think you revived her for me.

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