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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fire-Breathing Double-headed Pain - Part 3

When we last left our hero (me), the decision to have a tattoo that would incorporate my kids' initials of "C" and "P" was in full swing.

If you read the last chapter then you know I started heading the way of incorporating my kids "C" and "P" initials into some sort of dragon tattoo but still the concept of what I was looking for escaped me...until...

I took a shower.

I do a large number of things while I'm taking a steamy shower - some of which surprisingly do not include bodily fluids. One of these things I tend to do is draw and doodle on the shower doors or mirror when it's all steamed up.

Typically this just involves me drawing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and flying saucers and Ninja Turtles in flying saucers and sometimes Kama Sutra stuff (or a combo of all 3 things which gets REALLY freaky) but this time my thoughts turned to my tattoo and I somehow came up with this:


You can see the left dragon head and flame curling up making the "C" for "Cameron," and the body and right side of the dragon (and flame) making a "P" for "Payton."

Also? A two-headed fire-breathing dragon pretty much sums up my two children perfectly.

I sent this off to my tattoo witch, Lisa, over at Good Mojo Tattoos and she gussied it up and added color and, well:

So, yeah. As I'm writing this, we're making the appointment to get this guy needled into my delicate yet manly skin within the next week or so.

By the time you read it, it will probably already be done and this may be a posthumous blog article you're reading because I'm a giant pussy and will probably die during the thing.

At least I'll have a cool tattoo on my corpse, though.



I somehow survived. But it was not pretty. Me = giant wuss.

I have pics of the process and the final result up on my Facebook page... but will have a new post ready tomorrow that may or may not include a caption contest.

Also? It came out AWESOME.

Also also?



If you want a tattoo done by some wicked talented people and you're in the Massachusetts area, make sure you check out Good Mojo Tattoos and tell them the Midget Man sent ya:


handflapper said...

Well, I am anti-tattoo as a general rule, but if you have to have one, that is pretty damn cool.

Kerredith said...

I... Personally.... am really proud of you... You did WAAAAAAYYYY Better than I though!!! I had smelling salts in my pocket for when you crumpled to the floor in a pile of sweaty mess.... but nope.... you made it.

Kathy said...

I LOVE IT! I know you wanted both kids to breathe fire and I'm glad you got that. (Previous sentence never written ever in the history of words or ideas. Only on your blog, man.)

Really seriously cool tattoo, and I'm not normally a tattoo-enjoying kind of person.

chemgirljaime said...

it's great... what a wonderful design!

busanalayali said...

wow great .nice designing style i love all the pic which u share.
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Anonymous said...

I am really upset. I was hoping the tattoo would be something silly. Maybe next time.

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