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Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's like a Segway except you can't ride it and it holds cereal

Once again I spit in the face of getting free stuff.

I get these unsolicited product endorsement things in the email every so often. This one happened to be for something called a "Gyro Bowl" which, quite honestly, sounds like an amazing carnival ride or piece of kick-ass drug paraphernalia:

The link goes to a video here which basically shows a bunch of little shits running around trying to spill stuff on purpose because THAT'S WHAT CHILDREN DO but they can't because Gyro Bowl is there to save the day!

All this in a bowl that takes up only as much space as a small sedan.

My reply:

I've been waiting for, like, a month now and I have not received a reply OR a Gyro Bowl that my dog can actually use.

They must be working on it.


Cperz said...

Judgeing from the date, I suspect you have missed your opportunity for the freebie. Too bad really as those "bigger than a bread box" bowls sell for $14.99 PLUS $9.99 shipping. Damn, how much do they weigh??? Anyway...I was thinking of resale possiblities for you. I would have been happy to buy it from you at a discount of course, and have you shove it in a "one price fits all at the USPS" The way I figure could of made $11.00 on the whole deal free and clear. (based on $6.00 for the bowl and $5.00 for the shipping)

I guess, I am forced to continue with my present method of containing spillage provided by my 2 year old grandson. That method being me telling him to park his little butt in a chair to eat his snacks at a table.

Ms. Faustus said...

And you should have asked her why she thought the Gyro Bowl was a perfect gift for MOMS and kids only. Do Dads discipline their kids into not-spilling by magic? Or are they merely using dads for the 'free review'?

Lauren said...

I have a friend who is a nanny and she said they are great... till the kids learn to hold them so that everything does spill out.

Unknown said...

Did they offer any info regarding a non-spillable Margarita glass? Oh, wait....restaurants already have those; they're called sippy cups! said...

What self-respecting kid is going to use a non-spill bowl anyway? Are they trying to take all the fun out of childhood? Food Fight!

chemgirljaime said...

I want one of those for myself... yes.. I still spill my food.

TNMom said...

There is one sitting in my pantry, used once...another crock of shit to make us spend 9.99. it worked for a minute. :\

Brett Minor said...

Learning not to spill you food is part of growing up. We had neighbors with 4 kids that all still used sippy cups. The oldest kid was 8. In my opinion, way to old to be using a sippy cup, but I guess with four kids, they just gave up.

Every time those kids came to our house they would spill their drinks because they had never been taught not to.

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