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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Halloween Pictorial - Mental Poo style

First: Happy Halloween.

Second: Happy birthday to whoever this "Sam Hain" guy is.

17th: I can't count sequentially.

Today is Halloween and I didn't have a post scheduled but thought I'd share with you a couple of SCARY pictures that have posted up on my Facebook page.


This first one was taken at a Halloween store where my son and I decided to don these giant Romney/Obama masks and duke it out.

Looks like Obama isn't even paying attention.



This one was taken last week when, after a workout, I noticed that even my chest sweat was getting into the Halloween spirit:


Then Hurricane Sandy hit and I lost power so the kids and I sat around in my living room by the fireplace with our flashlights and told spooky stories.

Even my dog, Jax, got in on it and really pulled off the 'flashlight under the chin' to ramp up the SPOOKY effect of his storytelling:


Of course, my kids went back to my ex-wife's house during the power outage because SHE had power at my old house.

This left me alone in my bedroom with just me, my spooky dog, and a flashlight that I used as a source of..





Like being alone in a house without power during a hurricane isn't scary enough. I have to have "Evil Flashlight Face" projected on my ceiling to keep me company.


Happy Halloween!!


Pearl said...

Sometimes, ya just can't win for losin'.


Happy Halloween!


meleah rebeccah said...

Happy Halloween!!

Unknown said...

Hope you managed to score a few treats at least!

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