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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The DumbECard Project - Take 2

A while ago a friend of mine, Ross Cavins, wrote a book called "Follow the Money" which - believe it or not - I actually read AND did a review on even though there was no porn scenes or 8"x10" pictures included in the envelope that he shipped it to me in.


Regardless, Ross is doing a number of projects - one of which is a new site called "DumbECards" - which is similar to "SomeECards" and "MoreECards" and "EvenMoreECardsThanSomeECards" EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT...

(suspenseful pause)

I'm writing some of the cards.

Here's a sample of what you'll get from me if you go to the DumbECards site:

I will be adding cards regularly, as will Ross and Davenport (the other contributor on the site) and will be surely pimping that shit out on my Facebook page and Twitter feeds.

In the meantime, go check out DumbECards and feel free to share any you find there yourself.

You can consider it 'reading.'

I certainly do.


Unknown said...

I'm sure that warped mind of yours will continue to come up with winning cards!

Anonymous said...

Stop wasting time on ecards. I need xmas cookies and I don't like any of the ones bitter baking has. Write new, better ones so I can buy some. Thank you in advance. (BTW, something for a girlfriend--NOT a lover.)

Miley said...

My son is color blind. We are making a book called "Things Troy can't do"

See fall foliage.

That shall now be included.

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