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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thank you!! And my first book GIVEAWAY!

Well, my first-ever book, "Things Go Wrong for Me" was released on December 14th.

So far it has just under 30 reviews, all 5-star with the exception of 2 4-star reviews!!!

Holy. Crap.

Also? I should probably send those 2 people a fruit basket as an apology.

If you need another excuse to buy it, here are some quotes from some quite recognizable people from my back cover:


So now you're quickly running out of excuses to NOT get this book because I'm also about to give you the links to get it:

Barnes and Noble

FYI: Amazon has been running out of stock on the paper versions, but Barnes & Noble seems to be fine.

That said - we are ALSO currently holding our FIRST-EVER book giveaway!!

I have 5 - just 5 - paper copies available that we're making available via a contest on Goodreads.

So, just in case you already have the Kindle version and want to throw your hat in the ring for a hard copy of the book (HA! I said 'hard')..


Good luck!

And thank you to EVERYONE who has supported the book in all formats and for the glowing reviews!!


Brett Minor said...

Entering now. Would love to have the book.

Chris said...

I'm just curious, but is Andy Moog getting a cut of any of this? said...

After ruining my Kindle by spitting coffee all over it while reading your book, I splurged and got the hard copy which arrived on Thursday. It's providing endless hours of amusement my 25 year old son and I. It's now our favorite after dinner read aloud! (Nothing like sharing a little politically incorrect humor with your child... it's what he gets for still living at home.)

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