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Monday, January 07, 2013

Moving Conversations - Part 1

Our office recently relocated from the Massachusetts border into my state of New Hampshire, effectively changing my commute from 7 miles to a whopping 3.3 miles and giving me - essentially - a 5.3% raise because you don't have to pay income tax if you work and live in New Hampshire.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

The preparation for this move really sucked because (a) I don't like working, (b) I don't like physical labor and (c) a+b = suck^3.

That being said, there were some highlights to the move.

I'm surprised Obamacare doesn't cover this

Our computer lab has a tiny fridge that was in desperate need of defrosting. I was volunteered to do this, thus prompting this Tweet:

So I took the fridge and put it on a little crate caddy with wheels and brought it down to the men's locker room to hose it out in the handicap shower stall.

As I wheeled it into the locker room, I could hear a shower going. Nonetheless, I pushed the caddy in the stall and started hosing it out.

The shower at the end of the hall stopped, and a guy I'd never seen before got out and reached for his towel hanging on the wall. As he did, he glanced over and kind of looked at me like, 'wtf are you doing?'

I looked at him and, while still spraying, said:

"I'm with refrigerator hospice care. This little guy would do this himself if he could."

The man gathered his towel tighter, and - without saying a word - just walked away.

God, I love my job.

Then again, at $49/hour to hose out an appliance..who wouldn't?


Unknown said...

I'm speechless. I had no idea you were getting paid for what you do, since most of it seems to be spending time drawing, posting on facebook, or blogging. You definitely are a genius!

Anonymous said...

I'm with EVA--You get paid??

carissajade said...

yeah, i want your blog. I feel completely misused for all the fridges i cleaned out as a secretary... and all the shredders I spent hours unjamming.

Carries Rambles said...

I'm getting paid $26 to read this. Sometimes I like my job

The Onion said...

I worked in public affairs and got paid for drinking. Best.gig.ever.

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