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Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm like Wolfman Jack but less hairy and not dead

I've had some pretty awesome responses to my book thus far, but none more awesome than my first appearances on radio shows this past month.


For my first radio appearance, I was invited to be a guest "The Curvaceous Bounty of Sin City" show after I asked them if I could come on.

So I guess it was less 'invited' and more 'forced entry.'

Actually, one of my LONG TIME readers is a co-host of the show (Sienna) and she booked me and then the rest was radio gold/history.

Here is YouTube video of one of my segments - I show up on or around the 34-minute mark:

If I ever get around to getting to Vegas I will TOTALLY be making a visit to the studios and am fearful/hopeful that I will become a plaything.


A week later, I did a show with the women "Jenny K" and "Butt Rock Betty" (no idea) of "The Brawdcast."

The kept me on WAAAAY longer than they should have but we were having such a great frigging time doing the spot that I don't think any of us actually gave a shit.

There is no video of the show which is unfortunate because we were doing video Skype and I can tell you that the women are as hot as they are filthy...

...but there is THIS PODCAST that you can listen to. I come in at or around the 20-minute mark and stay well past my welcome.

But, if you can handle me talking about dildos and penis extenders and riding in the back of a dump truck, I think you'll enjoy it.


PLEASE give these wonderful women some love and linkage by friending them and following them and liking them all over the place (especially THERE).

Sin City Bounty links:

- Website
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The Brawdcast links:

- Website
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- Facebook Page 1 or Facebook Page 2

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Unknown said...

Where did you find those whacko radio shows????? But congratulations!

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