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Thursday, April 11, 2013

My daughter could write lyrics to Def Leppard songs.

Ever since my daughter hit the age of 12, she's been filled with pre-teen angst and attitude and OMG I WISH I'D SAVED THE RECEIPT FOR HER BECAUSE I'M CONSIDERING A REFUND.

Lately she gives me more attitude than laughs, but every so often she comes up with something awesome.

The two of us were in Best Buy and she decided to look at the iPAD Mini which was right next to the iPAD Maxi and iPAD 3/4 Mid-Mini and iPAD Microscopic.

Less is more, Apple. Less is more.

She's been trying to learn to type and opened up "Notes" on the iPad and started typing away. It wasn't til after she was done that I noticed what she wrote:

"Hinga Dinga Dinga Durgan"

Of course I said it out loud. Trust me, if you say it out loud you can't help but sound like the Swedish Chef from the Muppets.

You just tried it, didn't you? Of course you did.


The rest of the day we talked like the Swedish Chef and always - always - inserted 'Hinga Dinga Dinga Durgan' into the sentence and friggin laughed together like we hadn't in a loooooong time.

I guess I'll keep her.


Anonymous said...

She sounds like a keeper!!

Just A Normal Mom said...

This is awesome. Made me smile and think of times when my son and I have been silly like that.

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