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Monday, October 14, 2013

Volbeat and the best birthday present EVER.

My daughter recently turned 13.

*shoots self in face*

One of the gifts I got her were tickets to her first-ever rock concert - a group by the name of Volbeat.

A lot of people haven't heard of them as they're Danish and, therefore, come from a land made of apples and cheese.

Related: Geography is not my strong suit.

If you don't know them, this is probably their most popular song, "A Warrior's Call":

They're pretty badass.

So we went to the concert when - for the last song - the singer of Volbeat invited the kids in the audience up on stage. They band has a song called "Pool of Booze" but, since there were kids on stage, they changed the title to "Pool of Chocolate."

Before Michael Poulsen could get "I'd like the kids in the audience up here" out of his mouth, my daughter had fled our balcony seats.



I grabbed my son and made a beeline for the stage. We made our way along the side of the floor and up he went.

My daughter was nowhere to be found.

I had NO IDEA where she was.

Suddenly, she appeared. Apparently, she felt the easiest way to get to the stage was via the mosh pit.

But - when she got on stage, she immediately passed by all the other kids and took center stage right behind the singer, in front of the drums.

Regardless, someone actually caught the entire act on video.

She hasn't stopped talking about it since.

Best birthday gift ever? Yeah. I think it ranks right up there.

Thanks, Volbeat. You guys are amazing.


Coffeypot said...

That is awesome for Payton, and she got a boost up from the dude, too. And, although they are Danish, they still have enough class to flash the 'Hook'um Horns' for Univ of Texas. Right? Texas?

Anonymous said...


Agent 54 said...

Volbeat. I like it. Warrior's Call. I'd like to listen to that right before taking the ice for a Hockey game.

Me-Me King said...

Wow, with gifts like that, you are a shoe-in for father of the year!

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