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Monday, November 18, 2013

I'm probably already in some deep shit with this wedding

I'm getting married on Saturday.


Given it's our second wedding each, we just did a small little gathering at a local restaurant and I will probably just wear a tuxedo shirt like my son is doing. Should be hysterical.

Not for the bride, probably. But this day isn't all about her SO STOP BEING SO SELFISH, KERRI.

But the place we rented for the day lets us plug in our own devices and play our own playlists so I've taken it upon myself to come up with some of these myself.

As is my custom to not take anything seriously and have complete disregard for the feelings of those closest to me in order to be self-serving, I give you today's playlist:

The Wedding Songs Playlist

I figured that these would be best to play before and during the vows (which, coincidentally, my fiancee picked out herself and contains the phrase "or I will kill you dead" more than once).

Other suggestions are welcome. As are iTunes gift cards - these songs ain't cheap.


Anonymous said...

How soon do you expect your funeral to be?

CWMartin said...

First one you that comes to mind is Del Shannon's Runaway- or any of the million or so other such themed songs. I know it doesn't exactly fit the scenario, but as you won't live long enough to PLAY them...

Agent 54 said...

CW's is an excellent choice.

How can you have a wedding without the World's Greatest Love Song ---

Mountain's "Mississippi Queen"???

Murr Brewster said...

Oh, well, shit. I can't suggest anything. We played "Short People" at my wedding, per my husband's suggestion. He knows I can't reach anything on him to smack.

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