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Monday, November 25, 2013

Snowball Freezes in Hell - Film at Eleven

On Saturday, November 23rd at approximately 11:56 am, I got married.

*women everywhere scream "WHYYY?!?!?!??!?!"

I didn't think it would happen, but you can't argue with when it hooks you up with a hot woman.

So my new wife, Kerri and I took the plunge for the second time each.

Highlights of the day:

1) All our kids looking amazing. With my son and Kerri's son pulling off the "Men in Black" look pretty well:

2) Me, keeping my promise to my kids to say "I Like Trains" when I put the ring on Kerri's finger.

Why? THIS is why (pay attention to the lyrics)

3) The boys doing an impromptu dance to "Thriller" that looked completely choreographed.

4) A VERY small group of friends and family - we love you guys.

5) And, finally, THIS:

Sometimes does good.


Anonymous said...


Jen said...

Congrats Mooooooog!
So, did you play any of the tunes you were hoping to sneak in there? ;)

CWMartin said...

I hope that video was on your playlist! LOL!

GunDiva said...


( did good for me ;) )

Agent 54 said...


That was the best video I seen all day. "I like Trains"

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