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Monday, November 19, 2007

How to Make a Hot Dog

Electrocution is not fun.

I hate barking dogs.

I HATE them.

I hate the sound of a barking dog more than I hate the fact that I can still fit into the seat of a grocery store carriage.

...damn...little-body genetics. DAMN YOU TO HELL!


Anyway, the knowledge that I can't stand barking dogs came into excruciating clarity when I got my own dog from the rescue league about 10 years ago.

That little bitch was a barker.

She barked at other dogs. She barked at people walking by. She barked at cars.

This really sucked because we let her out the front door of our house, where we had a 20-foot length of rope attached to her leash. When she had to go to the bathroom, we simply let her out the front door where two things would happen:

1) She would begin destroying my front lawn with dog ju-ju
2) She would bark

We decided to take her to obedience classes to try to tame her and get her used to other dogs in an effort to get her to stop barking.

This did NOT work.

My dog is an 18-pound Chihuahua-mini-dobi mutt thing, who apparently cannot be in a room, or around, any other living being.

If she is in said area with something that has a pulse, she has the need to bark at it.

The instructor invariably lent us “the collar.”

“The collar” consisted of a large leather collar, with a box attached to it the size of a cell phone. The box had two metal studs that went through the collar.

Sound activated a mechanism in the box that would send electricity through the leads, effectively electrocuting my dog and shutting her the f*ck up.

It sounded like a good idea at the time.

The problem is that this basically works the first few times. We let the dog out, and – invariably – someone or something would go by.

When that happened…we’d hear this:



It was mean, I know. But it worked.

The problem is that it worked TOO well.

It worked SO well that my dog, in her infinite wisdom, decided it was much better to p*ss and sh*t all over the house instead of running the risk of dying by electric shock.

...dogs aren't as stupid as we think sometimes...

So, my grand idea to shut my dog up turned into her rendering vengeance on me in the form of continual carpet cleaning.

I called up the obedience instructor, who thought that maybe the device was turned up too high for a dog that small. So he came over to tune the thing.

He made some adjustments, and figured we’d be all set.

But…as is my lot in life…I was curious.

We’re standing in my living room, which was 14 feet x 24 feet, and we’re at the front door, which is in the corner of the room.

I’m holding the collar in my hand.

“How much of a shock is it?” I asked him.

Not bad,” he said. “Just enough to make her uncomfortable.”

I look at the collar in my hand.

“..woof..” I say to the collar.


I say it again, WOOF!”

Now, if you’ve ever seen The Green Mile, then the scene where the little guy gets executed in the chair is pretty much what I was feeling right then.

This shock…no…this ELECRIFYING JOLT…goes shooting into my hand, through my arm and into my skull.

It only lasted ¼ of a second, but I think I actually peed myself a little. You could have taken out a rhinoceros with that thing…

In a completely reflexive reaction from this electrocution, my arm goes flying out.

The collar goes shooting out of my hand, 24 feet, and smashes into the wall on the other side of the room.

My wife is looking at me, shaking her head an laughing at what a total stupid ass I am.

I look at the guy…still shaking...

...a nice, fresh shart in my underwear...

WHAT THE F*CK?! Are you trying to kill me?”

He looks at me and says:

“Well…um…you’re not supposed to test it on yourself.”

Good point.

Wish he would have let me know that on my FIRST bark attempt.

I look down at my dog, all 18 pounds of her, and hand the collar back to the guy (which is probably now useless, based on the fact that I just chucked it straight into a wall). There’s no way in Hell I can possibly, with a good conscience, do this to my dog on purpose.

So now the little sh*t ruins my backyard instead…and she still barks.

…maybe I should call that guy back.


mauniejames3 said...

that is so so funny husband is as ditsy as you and I'm sure he would test it on himself son's german shorthair is so unruly he was thrown out of three schools...whenever he escapes from the house he goes to the
same neighbors (the one they don't get along with) and poops to his hearts content

Anonymous said...

That is too funny. Does it work on kids too?

Polgara said...

As always hilarious lol

Elise said...

The poor dog!

The collar is seriously evil! Imagine the first time the poor animal was shocked. The confusion!

I once watched "The Dog Whisperer" you should check it out... You might get some tips

Heather said...

That is the exact reason why we never got an underground fence - I was too much of a chicken to test the collar on myself and couldn't do it to my dog without testing it first.

Our barking problem has been solved - Shasta has gone deaf so no longer hears noises that used to make her bark. I'm waiting for the dementia to kick in where she will begin barking at phantoms in the house.

Anonymous said...

Poor pooper! I was shocked unconscious as a kid and any electricity that zaps me now sends me off the edge. Hey ... when you laid your shart, did it smell slightly cooked?

Rahul said...

Silly humans

abbagirl said...

the underdog emerges victorious.

like, literally. the underdog.


Malach the Merciless said...

Hahahahahaha, has Cash heard of this?

Baba Doodlius said...

You shock me and I'll do way worse than pee on your floor. Humans do the dumbest things sometimes.

DubLiMan said...

NO, dogs are not stupid. It serves you right for trying electrify your dog. Having said that, this was totally hysterical. I was LOL all over the place.

Anonymous said...

A cattle prod works wonders on barking dogs and a little Prep H on the turd pincher keeps them from wanting to poop!

Anonymous said...

I do not like dogs who bark constantly. I do not much like little yippie dogs. I do not like to be zapped.
My friends use the invisible fence for their dogs. I have often wondered when they tell me, "its just a small zap" If they actually know this to be true.
I have to say, I do think if it was me on the lead being zapped in your yard, I too would consider shitting and pissing all over your floor.
much luv~d

Tawnya Shields said...

Too funny! Sorry you had to learn the hard way not to shock your dog. She is pretty smart by pooping and peeing in order not to get shocked. I think she is smarter then some people I have met. :o)~

Thanks for you awesome talent to make me fall off of my chair laughing. My ass is getting smaller too.

Tawnya Shields said...

Too funny! Sorry you had to learn the hard way not to shock your dog. She is pretty smart by pooping and peeing in order not to get shocked. I think she is smarter then some people I have met. :o)~

Thanks for you awesome talent to make me fall off of my chair laughing. My ass is getting smaller too.

Forrest Proper said...

The solution is very, very simple- Get the dog trainer back, attach the collar to HIM, and every time the dog barks, zap the trainer.

I'll bet he trains your dog to keep quiet within an hour and a half.

Anonymous said...

Bad trainer, bad trainer. No good Karma for him for sure.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to order 6 of those collars for my co-workers, please.

also...I have a dog. She doesn't bark.

-at ALL.

..want her?

hell...convince my kids to give her up, and I'll PAY you to take her!

I became an adult and discovered that I only like OTHER people's dogs.

prin said...

Yey for not using it on her anymore! *high five*

It could have been worse... A "friend" of mine burned a hole in his dog's neck with one of those. *shakes head*

Chickie said...

Our neighbor's dog barks all the damn time. I'm ready to yank its squeaker out.

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

Yeah, I'm the Curious George that did the same thing when we installed an underground fence for our dog..... The doctor swore this tic would go away. Liar.

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