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Monday, July 21, 2008

Jet Blue Balls - Travlogue Day #1

FYI - New review of "The Dark Knight" over on Moog's Movie Reviews.

Carry on.

So, I'm in Seattle this week on vacation with no access to a computer.

As such, I've decided to try to create a post of my activities for each day, and see
if I ended up getting it right.

This is Day #1:

Dear Travelogue,

Today the wife and I left for Seattle, Washington.

(Seattle motto: "Got Heroin?")

We took Jet Blue out of Boston. I LOVE Jet Blue.

I love Jet Blue because they:

a) Have Dunkin Donuts coffee

b) Give you food

c) Let you watch TV in your seat so you can catch up on all the episodes of "Dora the Explorer" you've missed.

I mean, "SportCenter."

The only problem with the flight is that we had a stopover at JFK Airport in New York.

Not sure about you, Travel Log, but I hate stopping at a location where even the women talk like Arthur Fonzarelli.

Oh, look! A coffee shop in the airport!

Me: "Hi, I'd like a muffin, please."

Lady at register: "Heeeeey....Ow Yuuu Doin?"

Then she pretended to hit me but then combed her hair instead!!

You got me, got me!

Mrs. Cunningham was HOT.

I was also FINALLY inducted into the "Mile High Club!"

The bad news is that it was in the men's room with a guy named "Steve" and completely against my will.


I'd jump for joy, but my ass is killing me.

We got to Seattle 9 hours from when we left and, I can say, it smells like a strange mixture of fish and Curt Kobain.

Just. Like. Courtney Love.

See ya tomorrow, Travel Log.

Moog out.


FreeOscar said...

Oh that Steve loves busting Mile High Cherries. I was 16 when it happened.

Anonymous said...

Well,I for one am proud of you Moooog.

I mean, the Mile High Club is exclusive ya know??

Hope you enjoy the vacation!

AngryMan said...

You've probably contracted Courtney Love disease just from being in Seattle. You'll probably start wanting to kill your spouse now.

Practically Joe said...

A Mental Poo Travel Log
I wonder ... was that pun intended?

Narm said...

I notice "Steve"'s name was in quotations - was this to protect the innocent?

LBluca77 said...

The same thing happen to me when I became a member of the mile high club.

I have had the pleasure to experience Dunkin Donuts in my east coast adventures. Dunkin donuts needs to start heading West.

Rahul said...

Dunkin donuts is a culinary explosion.

But sicne you won't respond to this, who cares?

Christina_the_wench said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christina_the_wench said...

Yes, but did Steve at least take down your digits? I mean, the prestige of the Mile High Club and all, but don't be a slut, Moog. Don't be a slut.

Words to live by from christina's motha'.

Malicious Intent said...

While you were gone I thought I would help out and water your flowers and grass. Well I fell asleep and flooded the yard, your basement and the pool appears to have a Rachel Ray floating at the top and not moving. Is this bad?

Malach the Merciless said...

You take that back, Courtney Love is an upstanding citizen and a wonderful mother!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the MHC, Mooooog. It's oh, so elite.

Anonymous said...

Oh My God. I thought you wouldn't be posting this week while you were gone, so I haven't been here.

Man I have a lot to catch up on.

Good thing its a Friday night, I've just poured myself a martini and there is NOTHING on TV. I will be reading up on the whole trip.

BTW: Seattle Got Heroine? Needs to be trademarked. That's hilarious.

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