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Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Little Green Around the Gills

Before I get started today:

Go visit my buddy, Slick, over at his site, Slicksumbich..

Yours truly did a guest post over there yesterday.

Then bookmark him - he's a funny bastard.


(and inward...and outward...oh, shit...now I'm all hot)

I also have a new review of "The Bucket List" over at:

Moog's Movie Reviews!

You're welcome.

For your viewing pleasure today, I give you a photo of myself with my children.

This was taken after my son's birthday party.



Sexy...I know.

Plus, you know what they say about men with big hands.

In my case, though, it's really just a saying.


Regardless, here are the rules in my house regarding presents of any kind:

1) My kids get toys.
2) I play with them.

That's it. Just two.



I followed these rules first with his Optimus Prime Voice Changing Helmet...

...and now all of his Hulk shit.

I have no shame.

Please Note:
You WILL NOT see pictures of me in my daughter's dress-up outfits.

(Those are for my private stash)

By the way, I actually SMILED for the Hulk picture.

Yep...I'm actually smiling behind that mask.

Stupid shit.


Mike said...

You're just lucky that you're the size of a kid so you can get into kid sized stuff.

I'm jealous!

FreeOscar said...

Do you break some of the toys to watch tears stream down the children's faces?

Tears of children's sadness are so funny.

AngryMan said...

The family resemblance is startling.

Mike said...

Oh, so that wasn't your real face?

I'm disappointed.

Just like your wife.

Knight said...

The first two things that came to mind when I saw the photo were
1) He's hot.
2) Wow, he can really fill out a glove.

I'm glad you addressed both. This is next year's holiday card photo right?

Christina_the_wench said...

You sexy beast, you. You know what they say..."once you go green, you never are clean" or was that vegetables? Nevermind. Got cucumbers on the brain for some reason.

Is it Friday?

Rahul said...

Is that rock band?

Must be hard to play with that big head.

HeyJoe said...

So you're all HULK except below the waist, huh? Well, I'm sure you have other qualities that your wife appreciates...like explosive shits.

I guess I’m probably not helping matters am I? My sympathies to Mrs. Moog.

Un[Censored] said...

LOL!! Just checking in on ya! Been blogging lately. http://thislesbianslyfe.blogspot.com Keep up the hilarity!

Narm said...

At what age am I not allowed to play with kids toys anymore? Because I am guessing it was way before 25. Maybe I should pump out some babies so I get GI Joes again.

Anonymous said...

Oh God. What will you do when they get old enough to play with THOSE other kind of toys?

Love that smile, baby!

Moooooog35 said...

Mike: Yeah...only be jealous of me for the toys. When you see me being stepped on and overlooked in bars...then you won't be. This is why I bring my Legos.

C.Rag: Is my webcam on?

Angry: Thanks. It's all the gamma that does it.

Mike: Get in line for the Moog disappointment train. Get. In. Line.

Knight: I always heard women were suckers for men with nice white teeth. Good to know.

Christina: "Once you go green, you are never clean" is also printed on my Herpes pamphlet from the clinic.


Rs27: It IS Rock Band and, yes, I've downloaded as much Judas Priest as I can afford. I still suck at it.

HeyJoe: This is why my wife thinks she settled.

UnCensored: Hilarity? YEAH!! I'm now in the same company as Benny Hill!

Narm: You're never too old. When my son was born, I handed out cigars then immediately ran to Toys R Us to by a racetrack set. Boys toys = fun. Girls toys = social ostracism.

Catscratch: ixnay on the ildosday. This is why I lock my dresser drawer.

Anonymous said...

My son has outgrown the 'toys' phase. Hes too cool and only accepts video games for gifts. Which IS cool, since we have the same rules over here.

1. My son gets a new game
2. I play with it all day FIRST.

Its good to be in charge.

Blonde Goddess said...

Of course you're smiling behind that mask!
The Hulk don't sulk baby!

Diva's Thoughts said...

You sexy green beast you!!!!! LOL

Malicious Intent said...

Wow your complextion has really cleared up since that last herpes outbreak. Um, congrats? :)

Unknown said...

You look different somehow..facial?

prin said...

Lego? So you did buy that 40000 piece lego starwars thing?

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