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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sharing a Needle - Travelogue Day #3

So, I'm in Seattle this week on vacation with no access to a computer.

As such, I've decided to try to create a post of my activities for each day, and see
if I ended up getting it right.

This is Day #3:


Dear Travelogue,

Aside from the stupid f*cking bike riding and fish throwing bullshit, we had a good day yesterday.

My Red Sox beat the Mariners by a score of 153 to 2.

I CAN'T BELIEVE they gave up two runs. Unreal.

Something needs to be done with our management.


Regardless, today we're also going to see the afternoon game, so we only have this morning and evening to do some stuff.

I think we're going to the Space Needle.

Wife: "What's the Space Needle?"

Me: "It's that tall know...the one you can see on the opening montage of 'Frasier' in the skyline."

Wife: "What's there?"


Me: "It's really tall."

Wife: "Okay, it's tall. there something there? Or is it just tall?"


Me: "Let's go watch people throw more fish."

So, I'm not sure if we're going to see something tall, or going to see something smelly.

I suppose we could do both in one shot, and try to find where Courtney Love lives.

Maybe we should head to the Space Needle anyway.

I bet we can see her house from up there.

See you tomorrow.

Moog out.


Malicious Intent said...

Look I am really sorry about the pool incident. I had a clean up company come in and take down the pool. The inground pool company is coming in today to start digging a large hole in your yard for the new pool. They tell me it will only cost you about $200,000, but that does include a waterfall and jacuzzi on the side, so I figured it was a deal. It won't be done by the time you get home, but you could always bury some annoying family members in it before the come out the pour the cement.

AngryMan said...

I think I know those Red Sox chicks from college. Great lays, FYI.

LBluca77 said...

I need to get one of those shirts. I only have a few Red Sox shirts and after I wear them a few times, well they smell like sweat and beer. eeeww I know I'm gross.

I think you are good luck for the Sox being at the games.

Mike said...

It just dawned on me that you went to Seattle on vacation.



That's freaking hilarious.

Nellioness said...

...helllllo there, Mooog!... This blog is still great...

Wow, looks like a lot happened with you while I was "off"...


Narm said...

Can I get one of those Sox signs for my friends in Cleveland - but I need you to change it to "Kiss Me I'm A Bandwagon Fan That Has Never Been To Boston But Still Acts Like I Was Around For That Losing Streak And Bad Luck"

Yeah I think that sums up Sox fans living in Cleveland.

FreeOscar said...

God Dammit it was your puke that landed on my head.
You need to lay off of the shit eating because it was more shit than stomach juices.

Malicious Intent said...

Mike has a point. Seattle??? Why?

Anonymous said...

I don't do well with heights. I've left my vomit on many-a tourist attraction!

Malach the Merciless said...

Your doing pretty good for having no access to a computer

Practically Joe said...

The sox almost blew it in today's marathon event ... So now I know your motive for vacationing in Seattle. And your wife really believes it was because of the fish throwing? Clever, very clever.

Anonymous said...

So, this blog listed in do follow blog directory? Or something wrong?

prin said...

I also am agreeing with Mike. I bet it was just for the consequential blog posts.

Anonymous said...

You should come to Toronto and to the CN Tower! you and your vomit will be pleased

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