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Friday, October 31, 2008

Motivational Filler - Religion

Before I start, there's a new movie review of "Saw V" over at Moog's Movie Reviews.

It's a guest post.

Apparently, I'm only allowed to see movies lately if there's some type of animated chicken or some shit in it.

Friggin' kids.


Motivate THIS.

(points at crotch)

Nothing to see here today...

...except a custom "motivational poster" made by yours truly over at Big Huge Labs.


...I have no idea how I made it almost 40 years without finding this thing.

Here's today's poster for you:

I'm SO going to Hell.

If you want to see all of them, click here.

If you like them, feel free to post them on your site.

Just give me some credit.

God knows my bank won't.

Moog out.


kathcom said...


Maybe they're meeting outside because they can't fit on the pew!

LBluca77 said...

HA You out did yourself again!!

Forrest Proper said...

Maybe they're praying their McDonald's coupons haven't expired.

Anonymous said...


You are the best at these captions. They always make me crack up.

Happy Halloween!!

Diva's Thoughts said...

You are soooooo wrong! lol

fiona said...

I reckon it's a support group.
If they let go hands they'd all topple over!

Hungry Mother said...

Maybe they're about to vote on which one will be eaten by the others.

Malach the Merciless said...

Ahhh fat Jesusfreaks, so hot!

weirdtales said...

I am SO going to hell
That's where my Mama always told me I was goin'
"Straight to Hell" from Kevin Kinney of Drivin & Cryin..So had to throw a great song in..check it!

Anonymous said...

or, they want to finally get laid

religious freaks are always horny

(thats what the sign says at McDonalds)

King of New York Hacks said...

I don't know what the commotion is ..hasn't anyone tailgated a Melissa Ethridge concert??? Geez!

Christine said... I stole that...whatcha gonna do about it?

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

hey, you blog made me chuckle---well done!!---do it again!!

Gary(old dude)

Me said...

THis is soooo f*cking funny. I LOVE it. Thanks for making me laugh in my depressing new city.

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