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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Motivational Filler - Yearning

Before I start today, I have a guest doing two movie review's over on "Moog's Movie Reviews" of Pan's Labyrinth and The Orphanage.

Now...this weekend I saw BOTH "Ice Age - Dawn of the Dinosaurs" and "Transformers 2."

However, I'm on mandated job furlough this week...unpaid...and writing two reviews while there's sleeping to be done just seems like a fucking waste of good couch space.

Maybe later.



Motivate THIS.

(points at crotch)

Nothing to see here today...

...except a custom "motivational poster" made by yours truly over at Big Huge Labs.


...I have no idea how I made it almost 40 years without finding this thing.

Here's today's poster for you (click to enlarge (that's what she said)):

Keep lookin', dude.

Someday you'll find it.

On a related note:

I like to lie.

If you want to see all of my custom posters, click here.

If you like them, feel free to post them on your site.

Just give me some credit.

God knows my bank won't.

Moog out.


Christina_the_wench said...

I have never been that drunk that I've been mystified by a golden ball. Ok, well that ONCE in college....

rachaelgking said...

Is that a quidditch ball?

<--------- DORK

meleah rebeccah said...

Dear Lord. I hope I don't run into that guy on any of the dating sites I just joined. *shudder*

DouglasDyer said...

If that guy gets laid more than me, I'm killing myself.

Swirl Girl said...

He held that ball, not because he had two, but because he had to.

PhilipDyer said...

It's been nice knowing you, Douglas.

Best demotivational posters ever.

Unknown said...

Nope never been that drunk ever, I swear. Really. Too damned funny.

Un[Censored] said...

He wants a goose that lays gold eggs for easter...

FawkesFire said...

ah. he found the Golden Snitch. Well done for him....I've read too much Harry Potter.....

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