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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Motivational Filler - Social Acceptance

Before I start today, two things:

1) Phillipia of 'Writes Phillipia' tagged me.

* adds notch to 'anal intruder'

No..she tagged me with the task of coming up with a 'list of seven things about me.'

Well...I did this WAY back in October of 2007.



Back when Madonna only had 47 kids adopted from Guatemala.

So, I MAY redo the list at some point...but not right now.

This notch is harder to carve in than I thought.

Check out Phillipia.

She's a good tag.

2) Christina the Wench ( gave me my first shitty comment of the day (typical), prompting me to change my Motivational Poster from what it originally was. She has thought it was a repeat, which it WAS NOT (read: bitch), but probably showed up recently in another post of mine.

So, instead of 'Kittens' you get 'Social Acceptance.'

You'll see 'Kittens' sometime in November.

Suck it, Christina.



Motivate THIS.

(points at crotch)

Nothing to see here today...

...except a custom "motivational poster" made by yours truly over at Big Huge Labs.


...I have no idea how I made it almost 40 years without finding this thing.

Here's today's poster for you (click to enlarge (that's what she said)):


I need to get me a six pack of that shit.

If you want to see all of my custom posters, click here.

If you like them, feel free to post them on your site.

Just give me some credit.

God knows my bank won't.

Moog out.


Unknown said...

Oh man I'm first to pop this cherry. Woohooo. I can always count on you for an eye opening smile. You are the nuttiest guy ever. Social acceptance also comes in larger sizes, and is even smokable.

Diva's Thoughts said...

Hahahaha! I love the poster! lol

MJenks said...

I think I threw up a little in my mouth just looking at someone drinking Black Label.

Christina_the_wench said...

You hurt my widdle feelings. *sniff*

(middle finger) It's ChristinA, dork.

I didn't say it was a repeat. I am talking about the usual verbiage you put below the poster. Geez. Try to help ya out and BAM! Hit with a 'bitch'.

I'll go sit in the corner and plot.

Moooooog35 said...

Etta: An eye opening smile?

Dude. That sounds gross.

Tee: Thank you. Send money.

mjenks: It's African-American Label to you, homey.

Christina: well...I would have commented DIRECTLY to you but you (a) have no email and (b) have your website blocked off so even I, Moooooog35 the Great, cannot get to it.

So you get a public flogging.

It's how I roll.

And I say 'bitch' in the most flattering way, possible.

Not sure what that means, but whatever.

LBluca77 said...

Your motivational posters need to be put in a book. With pop up pictures too.

Mike said...

Everybody is socially acceptable when they're drunk, until the fights break out.

Swirl Girl said...

I am still laughing about the rocket poop....

Jill Pilgrim said...

Hmm, I really need some of that social acceptance drink. Will is help make me seem less awkward?

Phillipia said...

Thanks for the mention, moog. And for the laugh. Your posts are great, as always.

Funnyrunner said...

Mostly I am just enjoying the "interaction" between you and Christina here. quite entertaining.

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