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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The One Where I Thought of Tiger Woods and Robert Pattinson in the Shower

The only way I can explain the above title... to show you the video I made.

Here you go, folks.

You will need access to YouTube:

Twilight Woods

Bella: "Moog...I know what you are."

Me: "Say it."

Bella: "Seriously. Fucked. Up."

Honestly, I have no idea where this shit comes from either.

Feel free to make it go viral so I can maybe get a job offer in marketing or writing or an internship at The Bunny Ranch.

Thanks in advance.

Moog out.


I've created an audition tape to try and have my VERY OWN TALK SHOW!!

This is not a drill.

Please check it out and vote for me. That would be awesome.

Then what would be awesome is if you spread the word and got me even more votes.

Then I get rich and we're all happy. And by 'we're all happy' I mean "I am." I see this as a win.


Unknown said...

I just laughed so hard and at the same time wanted to vomit. That has never happened to me before.

MrsBlogAlot said...

O M G !!!! HAAAAA!!!!! I almost died with this one!!!!!

Christina_the_wench said...

The world is a better place because of you and your YouTubing. No, seriously. I said it with a straight face. I'm getting better at this.

I'm trying to vote for you but Flash hates me right now.

Mike said...

Poor Tiger. Poor Twilight. You should leave them alone.

Actually, you shoudln't. Good work, Moog.

Unknown said...

That was tooo funny! Loved it! Very clever!

April said...

Fantastic. I almost peed my pants. And I have great bladder control, so it takes a lot for my pee to break free. Be proud. (I don't like Twilight or Tiger, so I almost didn't read this, but I'm glad I did.)

00dozo said...

Dude, you're spending waaay too much time in the shower. It's shrinking your brain.

Paul said...

For a man with very little hair you sure go through a hell of a lot of different kinds of shampoo.

Brutalism said...

How do you NOT work in marketing? Bath and Body Works should hire you, stat.

Although I do have a feeling that your first order of business might be re-naming that product to "Twilight Wood".

Am I wrong?

Chris said...

I must say, your Tiger Woods impression is spot-on. said...


You're special.

Miss Yvonne said...

My favorite part was your wave at the beginning. Super nerdy awesomeness.

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

you just ruined this twilight moment for me.

thanks. i needed someone to do it.

rachaelgking said...

Bella has NO right to be calling someone ELSE fucked up. Just sayin. said...

I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but I like the way your mind works. (Perhaps I should put that on the list of things to discuss with my therapist.)

MommaKiss said...

You are Seriously one of the most fucked up people I know. And I know a few ;)

ps - that's a compliment, even if it totally doesn't sound like one.

MommaKiss said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pattypunker said...

i love how tiger sounds like a hybrid of rick james and butt-head. too funny!

meleah rebeccah said...

Combining Tiger Woods with The Twilight series was is friggen hysterical.

And OMG - Patty Punker is right. Your "Tiger Voice" sure sounds a lot like Butt-Head!

Elly Lou said...

Further proof that I do NOT do enough drugs.

Unknown said...

Bwwwaaahhhaaa!! It *really* is a Twilight kind of week! You must have a teen daughter too.

Deb said...

-->I need to get in your shower. I mean, see what you're seeing. Oh nevermind.

(Your accent makes me giggle too.)

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