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Monday, November 14, 2011

PooxPosm and how I became a Witch's hero

So I have a friend on Facebook who is a cool chick and tattoo artist and lives in Salem, MA and is an actual witch...so now that I'm thinking about this, it's probably why she calls herself "Inkwitch Lisa."

I know it's a lot to take in all at once but I'm a professional and have been doing extended run-on sentences long before most of you were born.

Where was I?

Oh, tattoo cool witch chick.

So Lisa works for Good Mojo Tattoos (sadly, this is NOT a paid advertisement) and every once in a while posts pics of things she's done.

Like the one day she posted this:

If you're like me, then you're first reaction was "OH MY GOD I'VE FORGOTTEN HOW TO READ!" immediately followed by, "Dude. Ouchy McWouchy."

That begins this:

So poor Lisa, seeing me struggle trying to read this shit tries to come to my rescue:


Back in the 80's I could barely figure out his cube so I'm pretty sure I'm not going to figure out Runic's alphabet, either. The link there certainly didn't help because it brings up, like, 16 different alphabets which are probably invalid since NONE OF THEM START WITH THE LETTER "A."

The Letter People would be FURIOUS.

I'm starting to confuse myself.

Then, like a month later, the picture reappears on her page because it's a full moon and who wouldn't want to either get a tattoo or go full out "Team Jacob" for such an event, right?

I think this is less a statement on getting a tattoo because there's a full moon and more my life is a boring bucket of suck.

Regardless, as talented as the folks over at Good Mojo are, I think I'll stick with my tiny little Boston Bruins tattoo.

I think it would be too hard explaining PooxPosm to people.

Moog out.


If you want a tattoo done by some wicked talented people and you're in the Massachusetts area, make sure you check out Good Mojo Tattoos and tell them the Midget Man sent ya:


SherilinR said...

your statement "my life is a boring bucket of suck." made me actually lol! and i like that yours sounds much like mine. and by yours, i mean your evening plans. i'll be checking back later to see if any of your readers are wise in the ways of knuckle tattoo interpretation and can expound on what it means. cuz it's probably not hot pockets.

laughingmom said...

Looks like it could be something like "wood wose" or woes. Maybe he is in need of some viagara?

Erin T. said...

Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making an otherwise absolutely shit-tastic Monday one in which I laugh so hard I fall out of my chair. And have to explain to my boss how I manage to fall out of something stationary. Awesomeness. Pure awesomeness...

chemgirljaime said...

but what does it mean?!!!

Unknown said...

"couldn't figure out his cube, so probably won't be able to figure out Runic's alphabet, either." Cracked me up, again!

jack mehoff said...

i just hope the bruins tat came before this last year rather than post cup tat

Knight said...

Wood Wise? So...he's advertising penis knowledge? Or maybe he is just into carpentry. Well whatever. You should just get matching poo poo tats.

Sarah said...

I feel I want to say something but to be honest, I haven't got a clue what it is ....

karensomethingorother said...

Hilarious, and I was so tormented when at first she didn't answer you at all. I still need closure!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter what you post on Facebook--Droves/hoardes/gaggles/swarms of people will respond. At least the knuckle tattoos are more interesting than the person who posts their bowl of cereal each morning.

Laurie said...

I looks like something that would be on a hair band's album cover.

meleah rebeccah said...

Okay, this is hilarious.

And you're right. PooxPosm REALLY does sound like someone with a speech impediment trying to say Hot Pockets!

Vodka Logic said...

Man up and get a tat.. I can only imagine what you would come up with

Moooooog35 said...

I still have no idea wtf this is supposed to mean.

She isn't telling me and the best I can guess from that Runic alphabet thing is Woozy Wozm which makes even less sense than Poox Posm but is, quite honestly, more fun to say.

And, Vodka, I DO have a tattoo. No rush to go back in and get another one that's for shit sure.

Christine said...

I just attempted for a full five minutes to make Poox Posm sound like Hot Pockets. But then my coworkers started giving me dirty looks, so I switched to muttering instead of talking outloud.

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