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Friday, February 24, 2012

FU, Facilities

In the men's locker room here at work, this sign is posted on the mirror:

gym note

And this is how you know that, as a member of the "Facilities" group, that no one respects you even a tiny little bit:

no respect for janitors



I especially like the gaul of the asshole who put his SHOES on the counter just to be, like, "You know what, facilities? I know shoes are filthy and supposed to go on the floor and would literally take up 6 inches of space but you are not the boss of me and I will NOT BOW TO THE ESTABLISHMENT!"

* spits

Personally, I don't do this.

I have a locker. That I put a lock on.

We're not supposed to have that, either.

FU, Facilities.


Paula@lkg4sweetspot said...

Now THAT is how you stick it to the man!

Knight said...

Oooh we got a badass here!

jack mehoff said...

i really have no prob in locker rooms with the exception of the old dude wandering around with his shit hangin out lookin like two slices of droopy honey cut hams

kris11769 said...

Wow, those leather Nikes are circa 1985.... Sold a shitload of them when I worked at Herman's at the mall...

Anonymous said...

just remember if these guys find their chair missing, air conditioning off, access pass only working every second day, a flickering light above their desk and images of what they were up to in the fire stairs on the internet... its facilities revenge

Simone said...

people DON'T READ, so why waste time and paper? i would have just thrown every article of clothing and those filthy-ass shoes away. just do it.

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