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Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm assuming HR also has a profile on me as well

A while ago at work we switched our email from Microsoft Outlook to Google Mail and one of the greatest things about it besides it's distinct lack of usability is that you can modify your profile.

Every week I change my profile picture on my work account.

Here is the first post of what I did the first few weeks of having the new Google mail at work.

People here have actually seemed to enjoy the changes, so here's some more of what people have been getting to see when they contact me:


On that last one, I had to chat with someone who sat over in the next row and she yelled, "OH MY GOD IS THAT BRITNEY?!"


I'm changing these up, like, twice a week so if you have any recommendations I'd appreciate it. Double points if your company is also hiring because I'm pretty sure my next one of Ron Jeremy is gonna get me canned.

Thanks in advance.


middle child said...

Love this! Try...
Three Stooges.
Lady Gaga.
Bert and Ernie.
Pillsbury Dough Boy.
Batman or Joker.
Edward Scissorhands.

Alyssa said...

Steve Buscemi is a must, at least once.

Eva said...

Nick Nolte.

Plus, you should Google "Crazy Mug Shots" and peruse those beauties. Fun times.

I'm very jealous of your little project. We still have crummy Outlook at my job.

Eva said...

Well damn. You did Nick Nolte. Minus points for not reading the other blog post first.

Well, if you need a picture of Liberace, you can use one of mine.


Bobbi said...

Any one of the New Kids on the Block or N'Sync.
Andrew McCarthy
Mickey Rourke
Michael Anthony Hall
Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles
Jean Claude Van Dam
Steven Segal

meleah rebeccah said...

How you don't get fired is beyond me! But thanks for constantly cracking me up.

Rebecca said...

The Shining........

Rebecca said...


These would be good mug shot photos to use too

Vicky said...

The Hugh Grant mugshot....

Unknown said...

Cousin It
Mr. T
Speed Racer
Sinead O'Connor (Fat or Skinny)
Fat Albert
Hannibal Lector
"Snake" from Escape from New York (Eye patches are sexy...)

Anonymous said...

That's Ken, right? That's my favorite. Something about dolls is forever creepy.

Christy said...

I especially like the Ken doll.

Next order of business: Horse mask photo - the stuff of nightmares

Example: http://www.mcphee.com/shop/product_images/k/156/M6441__12664.jpg

Jusr Google "horse mask."

Deb said...

-->Hulk Hogan, Alf, Bill Cosby (for Father's Day), Spuds Makenzie, One of the Revenge of the Nerds and the guy who made the noises in the Police Academy movies.

*80's much?*

Anonymous said...

How about a little Optimus Prime, Megatron, Steve from Blues Clues, Brian from Family Guy, A.J. from the Backstreet Boys, Clifford the Big Red Dog. Or maybe just a giant rainbow.

Q said...

How inappropriate would it be to post a picture of Steve Jobs, Software Engineer...

Fngary said...

You have got to use The Greatest American Hero!!!

Fngary said...

You have got to use The Greatest American Hero!!!

Unknown said...

Kayne West

Unknown said...

I thought you had a 1980s theme going there until I saw that guy who played that mean kid on Bad News Bears - I forget his name now. Isn't he in the new Dark Shadows movie?

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