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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Because shitting all over Kristen Stewart is all the rage this week

Unusual Saturday post for me but I figured 'what the Hell' and 'I should probably post this while it's still timely' and 'I should really cut my toenails.'

I might have ADD.

Regardless, I made this the other day for absolutely no other reason than Kristen Stewart was on the headlines of my Comcast home page and I was pretty bored at work.


If "Twilight" Was Filmed Today"

They might have to change the rating, methinks.

Feel free to Pin it or share it or Tweet it or whatever. Just give me credit.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Except you, Kristen Stewart.

Such a bitch.


Gia said...

Hahahahaha the poor guy.

Carries Rambles said...

I laugh every time I look at this

Simone said...

this is just another publicity stunt, but so was their marriage. i don't know what is real anymore. is anything real? am i real, or just a computer program set to read blogs that make me laugh. but if i laugh, then i must be real because computers don't do that. yet...

Unknown said...

My reaction was, who cares? But it seems she's a bit of a "trampire."

Marie Nicole said...

Now... THAT would make the movie worth watching. Not that he's capable of acting out emotions. But to tell the truth I didn't even know they were married until the news of splitup. And that was after googling her because I thought she was someone else... I live under a rock.

michelle said...

SHE'S 22!!!

Why isn't anyone busting him? Married with kids? Who's the skank?

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