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Monday, February 25, 2013

This is where I say 'Thank You.'

Today, on a very special episode of "Mental Poo":

Thank you.

Seriously. If you're reading this, thank you.

My book, "Things Go Wrong for Me" had a bit of a rocky start, but in recent weeks the following has happened:

- 10,135 people downloaded the Kindle version of the book during 5 days of free promotion

Yes. Over TEN THOUSAND PEOPLE downloaded it.

Would have been nice if they downloaded it when they had to PAY for it, but whatever.

- "Things Go Wrong for Me" has spent time on the following Amazon "Best Seller" lists (Top 100)

- Memoirs
- Humor
- Humor -> Love, Sex & Marriage

I know, right? WTF is 'marriage' doing in there with 'love' and 'sex?' Odd.

- I had a formal Press Release go out to over 2,500 media outlets and journalists

Cross your fingers that you'll see me on Letterman or at the Playboy Mansion (preferably, BOTH)

So thanks to ALL of you who've helped spread the word, and bought the book, and added your review on Amazon.

(If you HAVE read the book but HAVEN'T put up a review, PLEASE do so - thank you!!)

As a reminder, the book can be purchased at ANY of these sites:

So, yes. Thank you.

Book 2 is currently in the works.

As is Book 3.

See what you've started?!


Going Like Sixty said...

Gawd how I long for the old pre-book moooooog. So much shilling and kindness now.

Moooooog35 said...

Yeah, I know. I have a good one going up tomorrow, I think.

But, that said - this needed to be done. A lot of people - you included, jackass - have helped me out on this. Had to say 'thanks.'


Unknown said...

That us awesome! Congratulations!

Brett Minor said...

I am one of the cheapos that got it while it was free. Now that I have read it, I know that I am willing to pay for the next one...if you promise not to put a picture of your nutsack in the next one.

La-Juice said...

I feel your pain with the book pandering and shilling- I am almost grateful that the cover of my book keeps getting screwed up, so that I can't publish yet, because I am already tired of telling people its coming, so you better buy it mothra faulkers or you will NEVER hear the end of my begging, and thank you.

Annie Boreson said...

A big congrats to you! Pretty exciting to have that many downloads. Yes, a little cash would be nice, but the fact that so many people are reading your work is impressive. Onward and upward with Book #2!

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