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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Yep. He's my son alright.

Took the kids to play laser tag because it's fun and I am usually high scorer and it's important during their formative years to impress upon them that WINNING IS EVERYTHING.

Except for the 2 times I came in second place. Total anomaly but still okay because I give myself a wide berth.

When you register for the games, you have to come up with a player name. Then they bring you into a room a debrief you (not literally because - hello - CHILDREN) and put your names on the screen.

This is what greeted me as the names were put up on the screen:

OMG he kills me.

Then I went out and kicked everyone's ass.

It's all about winning people. And guyfarting.

But mostly about the winning.


Al said...

Yup, winning is everything -- especially when you are showing you are superior in skills to small children. I think you are in for it when you get old and feeble.

GunDiva said...

You're raising him up right!

KT said...

Mooooog: he missed a trick there. Next time tell him he totally needs to go with MIDGETMANFARTING (see what I did there?) xx

Unknown said...

You are an awesome Dad! Love that you spend so much time doing fun things with your kids.

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