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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Family Circus rewrites go on and on and on and on..

Bite me, Billy.


I recently asked people what their favorite posts of mine were and several of you noted that it was my skewed take on that ridiculously terrible comic strip, "The Family Circus."

If you've missed my other episodes of this, you can find them here.

This time, though, I'm sparing you the pain of what the original comic said because see 'ridiculously terrible comic strip' comment above... you just get my newly edited ones.



I had a request to do the "Before" and "After" cartoons - which is why, in the examples below, the first one always sucks balls.









That's better.

I suppose the next time you'll hear from me, it will be from jail due to Copyright infringement or some shit.

Fuck it. Totally worth it.

Take that, Billy!

Moog out.


Agent 54 said...

Good luck in jail. Don't drop the soap.

Unknown said...

If they do send you to jail, it'll be because they don't have a sense of humor! Funny stuff!

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