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Monday, April 06, 2015

The Power of Christ Compels lie to people inappropriately

My son bought a new game for the XBox a few weeks ago called "Fibbage."

In a nutshell, you must come up with fake answers to questions and make the other players believe it's the truth.

Instead of "Fibbage" maybe it should be called "Marriage."

Seriously, honey. I was totally out with the guys last Friday.

The great part of the game is that you play on any internet-connected device. You sit in the same room as the XBox gives you categories. One player is randomly picked to choose the category. Then the XBox narrates the question, and you submit your answer using your own phone, tablet, laptop, etc., etc.

The first part is making up your own player name.

Here's how this goes in my house:

Keep in mind that most of these are names my children picked.

If there is a Hell, we are all certainly going to it.

I didn't take a screenshot of player names like "Anal Secretion" and "Nickelblech."

I regret some of my decisions.

Then you get the question, and the submitted answers from the players (one answer is always the truth). Here's what THAT looks like in my house:

So, that's what it looks like with the answers submitted and the missing word.

"Waxing his butthole" was mine. Yes, we are still playing with my children at this time. Yet another reason why they will need therapy at some point, I'm sure. The correct answer there was 'heroin.'

Here's another example:

The 'your mom' one never fails to kill me. I will laugh for 10 minutes straight.

On a side note, you'd be amazed at how many of these questions where 'your mom...OHHHH!' actually works as an answer.

Here's an example of the the correct answer, 'Cry' being shown - but with our other submissions listed:

My submission was 'saw a woman in half.'

No one picked it. I'm not sure why.

Also not sure why 'Your Mom..OHHHHH' wasn't submitted here, either.

It fits perfectly. Just like Your M-

Never mind.

1 comment:

Vinny C said...

I think "your mom...OHHHH!" is a great answer for the Dan Rather question too.

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