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Monday, January 14, 2008

More Crap for My Sidebar


Two other Bloggers have bestowed upon me some more awards...

..which are basically just pictures with no money involved.


I kid, I kid.

I like getting this stuff.

It feeds my narcissism.


Awards are passed down from one blogger to another...

...kind of like head lice.


I have no idea who comes up with them or creates these things.

I'm assuming there's some giant "Blog Award" machine churning out Microsoft Paint pictures somewhere and just throwing them out on the Internet.

Here's the first one, received from "Attitude, the Ultimate Power":

Yep...I'm a "Blogger of the World."

As opposed of


Parallel Universe?

Hillary Clinton Cankle-Worshipping Midget Society?*t...

I've let you peer a bit too far into my soul.

Thanks for getting specific there...whoever invented this thing.

If "Bloggers of the World" is ANYTHING like "Islands in the Stream," then I want to play the part of Dolly Parton.

I'd never leave the house.

Here's the second one, passed on to me by "Olga, the Traveling Bra."

Olga's site is exactly how it sounds - a bra that wanders the globe.

It's kind of like "Flat Stanley," except with lingerie...

...and the bra obviously belongs to someone who is NOT flat.

That's right, bitches.

Crazy AND Cool.

Thanks, Olga.

I think, though, that Olga might end up suing me though shortly... I've now come up with a similar idea to her "Olga, the Traveling Bra" site.

"Sven, the Wandering Penis Pump."

This alternate site will start shortly...

...when I'm done with Sven.

He completes me.


Buzzardbilly said...

Congratulations, though I know it means little compared to accolades from a traveling bra (or the impending departure of Sven).

Greeneyezz said...

An honor rightfully bestowed upon you, I'm sure.

Kudos to you Mooog. ;)

I was recently at another blog where someone had received the 'Golden Cock' of Excellence award (
I don't know why I am making this connection.

*thoughtfully ponders*


Congrats to you.


prin said...

Cool? Really? She said that about you? Really? Are you sure you didn't misunderstand? You sure she wasn't pointing to the guy behind you?

Ok, I'm done. I'm messin' of course. You deserve them. :) Whatever they mean. :D

Mike said...

You do deserve the awards.

Also, I nominate myself to be the first recipient of Sven.

I'm guessing when all the pictures go up we'll have to issue a warning?

Or will it be no BIG deal.



Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Oooh - I also have the coveted Golden Cock Award that Greeneyes refers to...but I ain't sharin' that big boy with ANYONE!

Let me know when Sven ready to hit the road...I'll bet I could give him a hot tip or two. And visa versa.

Hungry Mother said...

I wonder if Sven would like to buy my "Tips for Cheerleaders" franchise?

Greeneyezz said...

Olga -

And Nor Should you!

That's how things get spread!!



Anonymous said...

My, my, my look who's the hot shit of the Blog World!

Congarulations on the awards buddy boy!

Keep up with the comedy...

Malicious Intent said...

I am so emotional right now. Two more awards. How wonderful. You should go out to dinner, you know, leave the house and your computer for two hours.

(you realize I am hissing while saying this.)

Jill said...

Man! I'm so jealous. I never get any awards. *kicking dirt*

I think the crazy cool one fits you well.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

PS: I just TAGGED you...but don't worry - it's FUN & EASY. I tagged my whole blog roll so dont be gettin' a big head over it. Or..oh, is that Sven's doing!???

DubLiMan said...

"Sven," now that is just too much information "he completes" you? Oh psychiatry here I come.

Keaira said...

.Best. Blog. Name. Ever.

mental poo


nice work


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