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Monday, July 18, 2011

GUEST POST!! - If Mimicking is the Sincerest Form of Flattery then I've Been Flattered the Hell out of Just Now.

So it's July and I'm taking some time off because it's what sloths DO and my call to have some bloggers guest post for me did not go unanswered!!


Here's my first guest post from Sarcasm in Action and I have to tell you she pretty much hit it out of the park.



When I volunteered to do a guest post for Rodney, my first immediate thought was, what the hell woman? Something for free? NEVER DO THAT.

My second thought was, oh shit. I'm not good enough for this. The pressure is gonna give me performance anxiety.

My third thought? Performance anxiety. I bet Rodney never has that. I'm gonna go for it.

Here are the steps that I took to enable me to attempt a proper guest post for the legendary Midget Man of Steel:

1. Question myself. My sanity. My ability.
2. Eat cheeseburger Doritios.
3. Brush up on some Mental Poo archives. I've been following for a while now, but there's just so much great stuff on this blog, that I'm positive I'm missing a lot.
4. Notice some common themes.
a. Rodney makes fun of people. A lot.
b. Rodney likes to email spammers.
c. He likes to taunt Fox News.
d. He likes to masturbate and talk about it.
e. His job requires a TON of sexual harrassment training. I have a feeling it's because of you, Rodney.
f. Rodney tends to see random things in photographs that most of us would not see. Evidence A, B, C, I could go on and on people....
g. He likes to Google inappropriate images.
h. He HATES Sarah Jessica Parker's face with a fiery, burning passion.

So I did what all true, dedicated guest posters should do...... Copy.

I figure it's kinda like something all quality actors do for a role. They become their subject. They immerse themselves in their role. I tried to be more like Rodney.

I dedicate this post to Rodney, one of the first bloggers I discovered when I started, and one of the funniest I know.

My first time fucking with Fox News on Facebook was fun. I made up a fake profile and called her Missy Musings.

Then, I Googled Rodney's name and found this. WTF Rodney?

Next I decided to screw with a spammer. Click to read the whole email.

I know, I know. I'm not nearly as good at this spammer reply thing as Rodney.

After that, I had the entire house to myself for a bit so I did what I figured Rodney would do when he has some free moments to himself.... I spent some quality time bonding with my vibrator. Don't judge me. I'm guest posting and dedicating it to Rodney people. It's kind of part of the requirement.

In preparation for this post I also sexually harassed my daughter's cute tennis instructor. I think I offered to "hold his balls" for him, and then bent over in front of him a lot to pick up runaway tennis balls. Very Desperate-housewife ish but fun, nonetheless.

Lastly, I Googled Sarah Jessica Parker and Mental Poo together and was shocked to see this: I think Rodney should change his impression of Ms. SJP now....
This was fun, Rodney. I hope I did ok. I'll take "tolerable" as a response to the quality of this post as well.
PS, it was fun trying to be you for a bit. The peeing while standing up thing didn't work out so well, though........


Holy crap. Awesome.

That was even better than most of my posts.

Make sure you stop on over to Musings of a Sarcastic Mind and check out Sarcasm in Action.


Lynn MacDonald said...

So, basically to guest post you just have to fuck with other people? I can do that. Hey RODNEY! I CAN DO THAT!! I'm free too, as in i have time. also, i don't charge...well, money at least.


Stacey said...

Awesome job, very Mental Poo-ish. That's a good thing for the readers, but I don't know what it says about your sanity!

Vodka Logic said...

Awesome...just goes to show you [Rodney] that woman are better..but you knew that didn't you?

Have a great vacation, in fact take another week off.

Ed said...

She gets an A for effort.

Mike said...

That was mental poo worthy. Good job!

My favorite part, confusing seniors for seniors. LOL

Anonymous said...

Instant Classic! Good stuff.

SarcasmInAction said...

yay! it was fun Rodney.
Hope you're enjoying your vacay. Keep fucking w/ all those nice southerners for me.

Unknown said...

What a great job Kelly did! So Midget Mannish!

Pat said...

*insanely clapping hands* Wonderful!

Kelly said...

That photo is totally Rodney. He is, after all, my cyber pimp...

meleah rebeccah said...

This is TOTALLY "mental poo" worthy! You did an awesome guest post. I loved every word, and I laughed out loud. Well done, indeed!

SarcasmInAction said...

wow Rodney, your readers are so freaking NICE....
what'd you do to deserve them? ;)
thanks all!

jacqui said...

Amazing job, Ms. Sarcasm! It's great that you took the job of guest poster seriously and really threw yourself into the role. Very impressive!

jack mehoff said...

im a lil vague on the whole vibrator part....could we delve into that a lil more please and thank you?

did the instructor happen to take any pics of the ball retrieval process?

badlarry said...

I'll love your fill-in blogger forever for introducing me to the fact that cheeseburger Doritos exist.

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